How many times do we have to remind reform apologists like @alexanderrusso?

According to Mr. Russo, 2013 may be the year of teacher preparation. Too bad it’s half over. To wit: Since 2009, the California-based NewSchools Venture Fund, with the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, has been convening Learning to Teach, a 40-member group of teacher prep organizations that includes both ­traditional and alternative providers. […]

A new management organization for school leaders, LEE

So, I’ve heard of a new educational leadership management, business-ey organization called Leadership for Educational Equity. Sounds nice. Russo has something up about it in This Week in Education. Calls it a TFA spin-off. Nice. That’s just what we need. Russo also says the website is pretty sparse, no way to tell what’s about to […]

Middle school science teacher suggests teaching science to prevent curriculum narrowing, @mrpabruno @alexrusso

So, as the title suggests, check Russo’s post here.  I don’t understand how adding one more subject to the testing roll will help us with the problems of test driven education reform. Look, this debate is happening or has happened in social studies for the last decade or more. And given the STEM craze, the debate […]

#Opt #Out Day made @alexanderrusso and This Week in #Education, and thanks go to @teacherken as well

Doesn’t that logo look just magnificent? Apparently, I was informed that the logo could have cost a design firm roughly $50,000 to make. Some marketing folks confided in a friend all of these great things about the logo. And here I thought I was afraid it would look too much like a pair of testicles. […]

Too soon: Gates or Jobs on #education?

Alex Russo asks who did more for education: Gates or Jobs?  Let me stop you right there. That’s not the question we should be asking. Then again, he’s been quoted as virulently anti-union (PCWorld) and there’s no Apple or Jobs Foundation giving billions to help poor kids or fix public education (see here). Those who dislike the […]

Relief from #NCLB, but with strings attached… a lot of strings

The Washington Post reports that the President will diminish some of the stakes for testing on certain conditions: In exchange for relief, the administration will require a quid pro quo: States must adopt changes that could include the expansion of charter schools, linking teacher evaluation to student performance and upgrading academic standards. As many as […]

A #Hacker and a #Hack

See, it takes connections like these to want me to go out and punch some people in the face. Seriously, Rhee gathering funds from Murdoch. Well, I guess that’s no big deal. She’s trying to raise a billion dollars and is going to need a lot of people to do it. Murdoch may be one […]


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