Did you know that Michelle Rhee has 93 civil actions against her?

I know. Maybe some of these are trumped up cases. I’d have to look at them in detail. This is perhaps what you get for being in charge of people and making decisions. You make some enemies. But still, 93 cases in all? Are you serious? If I had one, I’d never work in this […]

@john_merrow blames teachers’ unions as potential “creator” of Rhee. Hmm.

Diane Ravitch reported this. Then, Fred Klonsky got in on it, who should be respected for his positions on teachers’ unions. Merrow made his comments thusly: And finally U created her. “U” is my shorthand for teacher unions. This is simple physics: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The “Michelle Rhee” phenomenon […]

We are encouraged to spread the @michellerhee memo. Will do.

A new “campaign,” spread the Merrow memo. Will do. Here it is. Also, I must note that in 2011, we broke a little news here about Rhee concerning her extensive speaking fees. So, this is what all those folks were paying thousands of dollars to hear, from someone who can’t even remember if they received […]

This messed up Atlanta cheating scandal is so f-ed, and here’s why?

No links, no serious analysis. But you know what? They have a $7.5 million dollar bond out on this woman, and are indicting two or three dozen others. Look at these people, they’re going to jail now? Michelle Rhee is going to walk away from all of this squeaky clean. And Students First isn’t going to […]

Michelle Rhee Needs a Head Shrinker…

?Search query: Poverty and parents. Please wait...

…so, here I am! (Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist, but I play one on the Internet.  The following is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as an official diagnosis, even though I know I’m totally right.) This probably isn’t healthy.  Perhaps I should find a new hobby, before people start to […]

“Because It Is My Name!”

John Proctor, in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, nearly bends to signing a false confession, but then has a moment of clarity and proclaims: “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of […]

Inside the beltway gossip about new secretary of education

Here is a piece from the insider rag Politico on the speculation surrounding new cabinet appointments. To the interested reader here, the USDE nominations are mentioning Rhee as a possibility. Talk about something completely tone deaf and asinine. I have not heard anything else, but I’m not an insider. But I have to say, if […]

My comment to @educationnation: carpetbaggers, all of ’em. @mharrisperry

Screen Shot 2012-09-22 at 10.12.39 PM

I put this on their Facebook page last night. Not sure if it’s still there. I refuse to put this thing on. I need to keep my blood pressure down. I did hear about the line-up. Never before do I see such a rag-tag collection, as the comment states, of charlatans in my life. A […]

Another very trusted eyewitness account of silence and discrimination at #NEARA2012

With all of the attacks from right-wing conservatives, both the NEA and AFT are on notice from pro-labor union folks like myself, and all of the authors on this website: discontinue reinforcing traditional power structures and executive, top-down hierarchies and welcome fresh faces, new leadership, and a diversity of views. Read and weep for labor’s, […]

An article from The Nation on Hilary Rosen’s lobbyist ties merits mention of the #rhee documents I released @rheefirst

This came as an interesting surprise today, via the Nation: — SKDKnickerbocker represents consulting for Students First, a lobbying group aimed at destroying collective bargaining, and replacing public education with a mix of charters, private schools, and online learning companies. According to documents revealed the blog At The Chalk Face, Students First helped craft bills in Michigan to break teachers unions […]

An interesting image of Michelle Rhee, is that you @rheefirst?

 Perhaps I will leave this without comment.

Brandenburg on the devastating irrelevance of #VAM, but will “they” listen?

To answer my own question, no… no they won’t. There’s too much money and ego invested to turn back now, which to me is insane. But check out Brandenburg’s post here and his analysis of the value added data.

#DCPS and their highly “rigorous” #IMPACT #teacher #evaluation, and perhaps #Rhee’s most fantastic legacy

Inasmuch as we should be suspicious and skeptical of the current spate of teacher evaluations, there’s really not that much to fear because they’re really not all that good. Now, I wholeheartedly disagree basing evaluations on test scores, which is really what’s happening, we shouldn’t kid ourselves. Even if you had a 50/50 evaluation, the […]

#School #choice #FAIL

Great op-ed in WaPo about the ground game in the school choice movement from the perspective of a parent whose family was supposed to be better served by a little competition. Not so: The situation for Washington’s working- and middle-class families may be bleak, but we are hardly alone. Despite the lack of proof that […]

#Rhee on a #college #campus near you

From The Lantern, the OSU student newspaper:   Public education reform programs are sweeping the nation, and one organization will now use Ohio State as a major outlet for the outreach. The program, StudentsFirst on Campus, was created by the advocacy organization StudentsFirst and will begin at OSU, the University of San Diego, Cornell University […]


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