I am conflicted over teacher resignation letters

The latest from a CO high school teacher, Pauline Hawkins, that has achieved “viral” status. Is this heroic? I think that’s a complicated question. It certainly adds some drama to the destructive potential of corporate education reform. That is, veteran educators are willing to sacrifice their chosen professions in the face of being compelled to […]

A teacher’s anti-resignation letter, the Letter of Resolution

Here it is, from An Educator’s Re-Education

Gates resigns, conveniently after a highly critical report

No, not that Gates, the other one.  For-profit colleges like sub-prime mortgage lenders? Ouch. I’m sensing the same could soon be said of charter chains, perhaps this quote: …which likened for-profit colleges to subprime-mortgage lenders, targeting low-income and traditionally underrepresented students. I think the shoe fits.

We lost another one in North Carolina

We lose passionate educators all the time. A resignation letter from a now former NC teacher is going around. Pretty epic in its scope. Let me cut to the chase: I quit.  I am resigning my position as a teacher in the state of North Carolina—permanently.  I am quitting without notice (taking advantage of the […]


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