You didn’t expect me, did you? #highered

No one expects the Inquisition. That’s how I feel a lot of the time because I ask a lot of questions. Is that not an educator’s job? College professors looking to do research in our schools: I’m onto you. As a former graduate student and faculty member in higher education, I’ve written numerous human subjects […]

Reformist @teachplus puts out some pretty thin gruel on the impact of testing

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 9.13.34 AM

Teacher leadership organization and reformist Teach Plus put out a recent study on the amount of time actually spent on testing in urban districts. It’s interesting that so much (relatively, speaking) fanfare surrounded this report because, well, it’s not really all that powerful. After reading through it, Teach Plus seems to want to tip its […]

An open admission from a “scholar.” #highered #AERA13

I am not a writer. I am not an author. I’ve written. I’ve authored. But I am not a writer. I am not an author. I’ve written many papers. I’ve authored book chapters and articles. Being halfway decent at writing these documents is likely what set me up to pursue a PhD. It’s not as […]

IRONY: The official champagne of #AERA13 #highered

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 11.35.48 PM

I don’t always drink champagne. But when I do, it’s after a discussion of poverty in education. IRONY.

A potential for an education research boycott? #AERA13 #highered

I actually don’t know if “civilians” understand how academic publication works, at least for the humdrum, commoner, the everyday “scholar” who doesn’t have major book deals. Let me explain. So, in order to receive tenure and promotion as a faculty member, which I think might be over-rated at this point, a faculty member needs to […]

Do My Blogs Count?

This blog site is a virtual collection of educators writing about education. For many of us, then, we have already ventured into the Brave New World of scholarship that academia has refused to acknowledge. Please, dear reader, consider venturing to this blog post of mine about “a riskier, less tidy mode of scholarly production.” I’d love to […]

Ravitch v. Wolf: The Rise of the Dogmatic Scholar

Recently, a debate between Diane Ravitch and Patrick Wolf highlights how the dogmatic scholar looks today. Mercedes Schneider examines that debate by first addressing Wolf’s credentials, Endowed Chair in School Choice, Education Reform, University of Arkansas. Both Schneider and Ravitch raise concerns about the conflict of interests when a scholar holds a chair in a department that is heavily funded […]

AERA’s Bill Tierney: Clueless Per Usual

Ever since Bill Tierney began his not-so-subtle business-friendly nods to the austerity zealots and the plutocrats who think they know more about education than educators, his emails to the AERA membership have consistently shown him to be a neoliberal do-gooder who has no notion of what it means to do social science research that matters […]

Required reading for all in #highered, aimed @AERA_Edresearch

Friend Morna McDermott McNulty is simply asking the question about education’s “premier” research organization, but I may venture an answer: probably, likely. Thousands of faculty members and precocious graduate students will be descending upon San Francisco at the end of April to rekindle old flames, feel like rockstars, and perhaps give a Powerpoint presentation, all of […]

GUEST POST: Julie Gorlewski Responds to AFT

Julie Gorlewski, State University of New York at New Paltz Response to Raising the Bar: Aligning and Elevating Teacher Preparation and the Teaching Profession (A report of the American Federation of Teachers Teacher Preparation Task Force, 2012) As an educator who has dedicated my professional life to continuous improvement in the field, I appreciate the […]

On men in #education at #aera in Vancouver

Did my little talk today with a group of great co authors on an edited book we did on men in early childhood education. Met them for the first time. I’m going to paste my very generic and typo laden notes I used to structure my talk. I wrote the chapter a couple of years […]

Slow to blog

I’ve been a tad slow lately because of a few long-term projects I’m trying to finish.  Let me list those for you so you can see what I’m up against: -Final manuscript revision -Revise and resubmit another manuscript -Submit grant proposal -Redirect social studies research project, continue writing -Plan my spring syllabus -Edit an extensive […]

Assistance, please

I’m starting some research on gender in the social studies curriculum and am trying to figure out if what I’m doing is simple content analysis, generic grounded theory, conversational analysis, or some kind of ethnomethodology.  Grounded theory and content analysis seem too basic.  Ultimately, is curriculum a language or speech act?  Are the teacher and […]


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