NJ Governor Screams at Teacher: ‘Do Your Job!’

nj yelling

The New Jersey teacher in the photo below had just asked Chris Christie the following question: Why do you continue to spread the myth that our schools and teachers are failing? His reply? “You people! Just do your job!” What does he mean by “you people?” UPDATE: Make sure you listen to The Chalk Face […]

The Future is Disappearing…But Why?

In my soon-to-be-released, self-published book, I do my best to help parents, teachers, and others understand why the Common Core Network is so bad for our kids and our nation’s future.  (This is not a shameless plug, I promise.  I have a real question here.)  It’s becoming common knowledge that the Common Core State Standards […]

#Tough on #Reformers

I read this piece by Paul Tough last week in the NYT Magazine.  It was nice. Yes, nice. Well, I mean, with details like this, who needs specifics? It means supplementing classroom strategies with targeted, evidence-based interventions outside the classroom: working intensively with the most disadvantaged families to improve home environments for young children; providing high-quality […]


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