Holy hell, that joke Doctor Steve Perry unloads and unhinged on Twitter. Say hey, @drsteveperry

Can you believe this guy? Does he not know the internet is forever?

I’m having trouble reading Ravitch’s new book Reign of Error UPDATED

UPDATE AND CLARIFICATION Good discussion below. Perhaps I need to clarify my position. I’ve been engaged in education activism for roughly three, perhaps 3.5 years. I was a college professor for the last four. Higher education wasn’t interested in my activism. AT ALL. It chewed me up and spit me out. Few have any idea […]

Edushyster reveals him or herself. Nice. My standards, however, remain unchanged.

Friend of At the Chalk Face, Edushyster, revealed herself this week. The unveiling merited coverage from Diane Ravitch. You can learn more about Edushyster’s true identity here. As others do, I always enjoy her contributions. Her writing and satire are excellent. And I’m sure that, without her wit, opponents of corporate reform would lose a […]

@john_merrow blames teachers’ unions as potential “creator” of Rhee. Hmm.

Diane Ravitch reported this. Then, Fred Klonsky got in on it, who should be respected for his positions on teachers’ unions. Merrow made his comments thusly: And finally U created her. “U” is my shorthand for teacher unions. This is simple physics: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The “Michelle Rhee” phenomenon […]

@dianeravitch is talking about @shankerinst who’s talking about MD

I’m in MD. Might I know something about it? I don’t really follow Matt Di Carlo, but I have to say that I don’t quite get the satire. If you have to explain it’s satire, then I think you missed it. Stick to what you know, best advice. In any event, MD gets some pretty […]

@rweingarten is trying to drive that bus…

AFT Gates

AFT President Randi Weingarten tried to throw us all under the bus with this abhorrent collaboration with a member of the Gates Foundation. Here’s the original piece with response from Anthony Cody and Diane Ravitch. Proximity to power and self-preservation are very persuasive. But this bus can’t run over everyone finally starting to stand up […]

Special episode of At the Chalk Face w. Diane Ravitch and Anthony Cody

Both of the Network for Public Education joined us At the Chalk Face. Listen here.

@dianeravitch makes suggestions on education for #obama #sotu, could we bag the competition?

Here they are, via Bill Moyers. She makes two main suggestions:  First, we must end the pressure on teachers to teach to the test… Second, we must strengthen and improve our public schools. I support both of these, but I just really don’t agree with the fundamental premise here. I realize that Moyers was asking various […]

A round-up of stories from friends and family @thechalkface #newtown

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 8.54.21 AM

From Alternet: Unionized Teachers, So Vilified By the Right, Are the Heroes of Sandy Hook. Do we continue reducing the “value added” of educators to test scores? Perhaps it’s important to reconsider the percentages. Diane Ravitch on the hero teachers of Newtown. Are we really sure the problem with education right now is indeed common curriculum and […]

@dianeravitch posts comment about a great teacher in every classroom–> Junk platitude.

Great teachers, blah blah blah, easy platitude, meaningless applause line. Ravitch posts this comment from a teacher who also recognizes the absurdity. I’ve read a lot of history of education, as has Ravitch of course. She’s actually written on it, so yeah, there’s that. In any case, I remember at one point reading a chapter, […]

Diane Ravitch once again touts @thechalkface. Why, thank you.

On the heels of our interview with her last Sunday, Dr. Ravitch is once again extolling the virtues of our coarser (?) narrative. Yeah, sometimes we need that.

@dianeravitch discusses #REPA in indiana, dumbing #teachers down

Ravitch details new legislation in Indiana that makes it even easier to become a teacher, thus making irrelevant teacher education in the state. Well, almost.  A teacher who is licensed in any subject can be certified in special education, music or art by passing a standardized test, with no training for these fields. This is […]

A petition to replace @arneduncan with someone who’s actually, you know, educated

Interesting petition going around. They need roughly 24,000 signatures. Go here to sign on. You know, one thing about these petitions that I’ve seen, including Dump Duncan. You have these a-holes Millions of Moms or whatever, bigoted a-holes who pass petitions around to boycott Home Depot for supporting LGBT causes. They’re able to get over […]

#CPS parents question longer school day

This from a site called Pure Parents: I’m sharing, with permission, the report from a parent meeting at Mt. Greenwood school last week with CPS representatives pushing the 7.5 hour day. The notes indicate CPS’s position that there will be no extra money to implement the extended day. The parents also expose several CPS statements […]

In Bridging Differences, @dianeravitch wonders if #Obama actually understands #RTTT

Via the Answer Sheet: Why does President Obama think that teachers can “stop teaching to the test” when their livelihood, their reputation, and the survival of their school depends on the outcome of those all-important standardized tests? There’s a couple of arguments that I hear from many well-meaning folks out there about a resistance to […]


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