@thechalkface is going mainstream, our official press release #NPEConference

We’re in Austin, TX for the first Network for Public Education conference with an actual radio crew as we find our way towards a mainstream and syndicated radio presence, in particular to topics in education. Here’s a link to our official press release from syndication. If you have a moment, consider helping us by forwarding […]

Cool cover for @thechalkface, via Pulp-O-Mizer

Fun. Cool. Thanks. Click the photo to try it yourself.

At the Chalk Face fights for freedom

On the pro-union Rick Smith show this evening, talking testing.

Here’s the show’s website here. I’ll see about posting an archive thereafter. This is a new place we should all consider following.

Successful freaking weekend in Wisconsin for At the Chalk Face

Man, we kicked ass this weekend. In about ten hours of studio time, we have seven hours of new content coming your way in the next several weeks. We interviewed Jonathan Kozol, CTU President Karen Lewis, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, author and scholar Kevin Kumashiro, scholar and author and web-guru of Yinzercation Jessie Ramey, and new student voice […]

About At the Chalk Face Radio

Some housekeeping items and announcements. First, listen to our informal charter school special broadcast yesterday, which you can stream or download here. Second, we’ll be recording new “real radio” episodes of At the Chalk Face for WTDY this coming weekend in Madison, WI. In addition to the intelligent and informed banter from your hosts, we’ll […]

@thechalkface show five up at WTDY soundcloud, check it!!

Here’s the link. And, while you’re at it, TEXT “CHALK” to 60193 to get a reminder of an upcoming show, Sundays at 10AM EST.

Second @thechalkface available on the WTDY website, @slekar

Here’s the link, check it out. We chat with Bill Ayers.

@thechalkface available for live listen and download at WTDY website, #edreform radio

Here it is folks, for your listening pleasure. Update: damnit, that’s just the promo again. I’ll let you know when the full episode is up.

One sheet draft for #edreform radio At the Chalk Face, almost there people!

My picture’s missing, sent it along, so it’ll be there, in case you were wondering.

Headed to Madison to try out some “real” radio

Tim Slekar and I are going to Wisconsin to put together a few actual radio shows, with At the Chalk Face potentially going mainstream. I guess I have fewer details than I should, but we’re going to be doing three full hour shows, with interviews including Diane Ravitch. Then, some folks at the station are […]

On the radio in PA

I’m subbing for Tim Slekar today on his education radio show in PA, 11:00 to 11:45. You can listen to the live stream here, or I’ll post the recorded audio thereafter. Feel free to call in if you like, the number is 814-946-0435. I was asked to talk about bullying, consider the recent item I […]

Radio Show-come listen!

I’m going to be a guest on a friend’s PA radio show today, streaming of which you can find here. We’ll mainly be discussing the test boycott piece I wrote for HuffPo a few weeks ago. Enjoy.  I get to meet and speak with all kinds of people, this is great!


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