School Discipline: The U.S. vs. The Brits

Quality teaching and student learning cannot occur in a chaotic classroom. Organized chaos, i.e. student-centered stations and activities, is extremely productive. Disruptive behavior, however, is extremely unproductive and problematic, to say the least.  So, it’s rather interesting that while the USDOE is calling for schools to relax its “zero tolerance” disciplinary policies, the Brits are calling for […]

Dana Woldow: Denying Children Food is Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

Dana Woldow: Denying Children Food is Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

@EAGNews surprises no one who even cares about EAG by posting a highly bigoted photo

What precisely is this outfit again, EAG, or what have you? At some point, I heard it was started by some MI trust fund baby. In any event, talk about some cojones on these guys to post that photo, as if it implies some sort of truth about an AL school system. Every major school […]

There may be one way our public schools are failing. #racism

I have heard student teachers and veterans wonder why they should teach about diversity or multicultural values if they and their students are white.  Or, in other instances, appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity is viewed as an add-on or supplement, rarely the underlying goal of education.  Still, in more instances, educators simply avoid discussions […]

Racism Built into the System to Mask Racism

Lisa Wade explains about stand your ground laws: It’s simple: stand your ground laws increase the chances that a homicide will be considered justifiable because it gives the jurors more leeway to give defendants the benefit of the doubt.  But, jurors will likely give that benefit of the doubt to certain kinds of defendants and […]

Trayvon Martin Convicted: Sentence to Run Concurrent with Eternity

If this case teaches anything, it is that the high crime of involuntary racism regularly has more insidious and corrosive effects than the premeditated variety.  There was the 1) tepid prosecution by unprepared and inattentive prosecutors; 2) a defense that was allowed highly-irregular concessions to make its case; 3) an investigative team friendly to gun-toting […]

Sign BAR’s Petition: Anti-Racist Educators Should Not Issue Ghetto Passes To Teach For America

BAR: Why Is Tim Wise Stamping the Anti-Racist Ghetto Passes at Teach For America

‘If this is how “anti-racism education” works – giving cover to organizations and policies that hurt people of color more than anybody else, it might be time to re-think that whole contraption as well.’ — Bruce A. Dixon Black Agenda Report (BAR) has been a consistent and principled opponent of neoliberal education reform for as […]

More episodes of schooling in a not so “post-racial” America


Imagine the impact if Obama spoke out emphatically against racism in other aspects of U.S. society. Unfortunately, all too often, Obama and others in the Black elite, along with liberals in the Democratic Party, avoid discussing race and racism, even when it is evident and obvious. — Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Neither of these items are breaking […]

Helpful tips from an #education #reformer


I may have forgotten all about these. But I have a few images from a rather helpful ad campaign, “Tips from an Education Reformer.” Hopefully you find them as helpful as I do in dismantling a free system of public education.

solidaridad: End Racist Scholarship at Harvard University

solidaridad: End Racist Scholarship at Harvard University.

Someone said it again, school closures are racist

And folks are going to keep saying it.

The palpable racism of school closures

There I said it. School closure policies are racist. Not necessarily bigoted, but indeed racist. Look up the difference.

From Baldwin to Vilson: My Obligation in Education Activism

Jose Vilson posted an open letter to education activists, and I have felt compelled to speak with him about the scar of racism. Read the full post here: To Jimmy (and Jose), with Love: I Walk Freely among Racism

The Good, Racist People has key parallels to the inherent racism of #edreform

A really, really compelling opinion piece from the NYT on the everyday racism and prejudice expressed by apparent “good people.” This might have to do with education reform measures, as the author already mentioned redlining, blockbusting, and gentrification as part of prejudicial urban renewal: I am trying to imagine a white president forced to show […]

Segregated Schools, Upper West Side Style

U. S. schools have been using standardized tests now for a hundred years to sort and segregate by race and class.  How long can it continue?   Big story from the New York Times.  Chart below from NYTimes: Published: January 12, 2013 A Major Gap in Gifted Programs The city started using tests as the main […]


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