Arne Duncan on pre-school and, umm, “cultural hesitation.”

Here: Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Wednesday that “cultural hesitation” makes it more difficult for some Hispanic parents to want to enroll their children in public pre-school programs because of their preference for family and friends. And: “Two different challenges that I think we have to face,” Duncan said. “One that [HHS Secretary] Kathy [Sebelius] […]

Response to Obama’s Early Childhood Education Plan

Let them play!

President Obama promised us something in his State of the Union address that I think is bad news for our kids.  Here is the excerpt, with my reply underneath: Race to the Top, with the help of governors from both parties, has helped states raise expectations and performance. Teachers and principals in schools from Tennessee […]

You hear that #highered #teacherprep? It’s your clock, winding down.

Some very nice people worked at the GSE at Willamette U in Salem, OR. They recently found out that their entire school is closing. Why? The email, written by University President Steve Thorsett, said the Board of Trustees’ decision was based in large part on a state and national trend in licensing and accreditation that […]

Wayne Au: Coring Social Studies within Corporate Education Reform

Wayne Au, Ph.D.

“Teachers could stop #CommonCore tomorrow—if they joined hands and said ‘Hell, No!’ The alternative is loss of profession—and soul.” — Susan Ohanian A local university professor I’m friends with through The Association of Raza Educators (ARE) wrote me yesterday with the following message: Hi Robert, I hope you are well… You might be familiar with […]

Common Core: The Snickers Bar of Education

"Reform" really satisfies!

Diane Ravitch, not too long ago, wrote a blog post about her stance regarding the Common Core State Standards, basically suggesting that she could not support them because of their lack of evidence of effectiveness.  I also don’t support the Common Core for that reason, but I’m not “agnostic” about them.  I have seen more […]

New Jersey Educators’ WORST FEARS Come True

Tested to Despair in New Jersey Proposed Regulations for Tenure Evaluations Confirm  NJEA’s Worst Fears Did you really think No Child Left Behind was to improve  education? Well, that’s what happens when you don’t read the fine print or pretend it just isn’t there.

Children of the Core: Our Kids are at Risk

The more and more I see how the education “reform” movement is operating, the more it makes me ill.  I wish I were exaggerating with that statement, but I’m not.  Every time I hear about some millionaire telling us to increase class sizes, or some high-paid wannabe teacher tells us that teachers are the problem […]

Common Core State Standards Primer

Disclaimer: The publishers of this document, Truth in American Education, have some very disconcerting right-wing membership and advisors. I mean really right wing, like Heritage, Koret, the Teabaggers, and other assorted birthers and Birchers. However, this Common Core State Standards Primer document appears on the Hoosiers Against Common Core site that Professor Ravitch mentions in […]

Was Race to the Top ultimately extortion? UPDATE

Discuss. UPDATE: Are folks afraid to speak about this?

Continuing skirmishes with CCSS cheerleaders on Diane Ravitch’s blog

“There is no evidence that standards and tests improve school achievement. The money budgeted for standards and tests to enforce the standards should be used to protect children from the effects of poverty.” — Professor Stephen Krashen The following is my edited commentary in response to comments by a CCSS supporter on the Professor Ravitch […]

Debunking Common Core Curriculum’s so-called Four C’s

“When you go to doctors, they don’t take all your blood, they only take a sample.” — Professor Stephen Krashen Professor Diane Ravitch had a brief comment entitled The True Goals of Education? this morning where a reader suggested a sort of whole child approach based on virtues as opposed to tedious test preparation. That […]

#MoCo super calls for a moratorium on #HST

This has been making the rounds. Montgomery County, MD Superintendent Josh Starr said this: Montgomery County Superintendent Joshua Starr said Monday that the country needs a three-year moratorium on standardized testing and needs to “stop the insanity” of  evaluating teachers according to student test scores because it is based on “bad science.” He also said […]

E4E’s Eric Cartman Goes Silent on The Crack Team

E4E's Eric Cartman Goes Silent on The Crack Team

More from the pages of South Bronx School; The Crack Team at SBSB would like to thank the gracious hosts of Educators4Excellence for the comedy and the coffee and Dunkin’ Munchkins that were generously given at today’s youth rally at City Hall park in support of the new evaluation system that is being advocated. As […]

Money, Test Prep, Money,Exams,Money

Guest Post:  Robert Rendo Nationally Board Certified Teacher, New York  Public education has long become a billion dollar industry, according to a report put out way back in 2007 by Thomas Meldon, professor in the Benerd School of Education at the University of the Pacific in California, and editor of Teacher Education Quarterly, and Bruce […]

Our #education spending priorities

Anyone have suggestions on this? There’s got to be a better way to spend over $4 billion, right?


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