The Costs of Common Core?

Funding public education constitutes a large percentage of many states’ total budget, and thus, over the past three or four decades, the role of governor has become necessarily one that impacts education policy strongly. I believe that increased connection between partisan politics and conducting public schools has been powerfully and negatively influential. When I posted Millions […]

Why Keeping Your Kids Home Sends the Wrong Message


Today, a protest took place, which was started by a New York State mom and was aggressively advertised as a move against the Common Core State Standards.  It was celebrated as national day of protest, although it seems that designation fell flat.  It seemed like a good way to get attention, and to some extent, […]

The Indignant Teacher Reviews “Reign of Error”

  The “nation’s children are on a train that is headed for a cliff“. This sentence, unobtrusively embedded in the middle of the first chapter of Reign of Error, effectively identifies the main idea of Diane Ravitch’s newest book. Like it’s prequel from 2010, The Death and Life of the Great American School System, Reign of Error serves to warn America […]

The Ravitch Hawks Are Circling: Time To Take Action

Diane Ravitch As most people (at least those following the daily attempts by deformers to crush public schools, teachers unions, and the wills and souls of countless students, teachers, parents, and others who believe in public education and democracy) are aware, Diane Ravitch has a new book being officially released tomorrow: REIGN OF ERROR: The […]

From Chris Lubienski: Do Charter Schools Promote Social Justice, Privatize Public Education (or both)?

Some liberals are quite enthralled with the social justice possibilities of school choice.  While district and enrollment boundaries reflect segregated residential patterns in the US, in theory, choice allows families to select schools across these artificial barriers, eradicating an important institutional impediment to equity.  Moreover, schools then must compete to attract students, just like businesses […]

A BIG thank you to @henryrollins for being At the Chalk Face today

I mean, did you ever see this coming?  I didn’t. I want to apologize for the one caller who stayed diligently on hold today. I didn’t feel cool with clicking over to callers. I had to do the show from a Starbucks today because of work, and that schools don’t let BlogTalkRadio pass their firewalls.  […]

Portland Student Unions Support Seattle’s Opt Out


Here is the place to sign up and support Portland, Oregon students who support Seattle, WA teachers. Who will be next to stand up to the bullies selling “junk” high stakes standardized tests (HSST’s) to school districts? Can they fire all the students?Expel them, suspend them, put them in jail? Why are so many students finally […]

Article by yours truly is up and ready at @GOOD. So yeah, what about those prep schools?

I’m terrible at titles, so I’m glad the folks at GOOD picked something that gets right to the point: Why America’s Prep Schools Aren’t Following Arne Duncan’s Public School Education Reforms. Although, I will say for the record that Duncan’s children attend public schools in Virginia.

The War Against Teachers


There are so few who can explain the complexity of how the deep connections between the attack on public education and teachers — that if not stopped –will ultimately lead to the end of democracy itself. Henry A. Giroux is one of the few:  / By Henry A. Giroux  The War Against Teachers December 21, 2012  |  A […]

A message from a pissed off Indiana mom on #walmart and #walton #foundation. Thoughts?

Wal Mart $1000 Gift Card pop up ad

I received via email a very strongly worded message against the reform interference run by Wal-Mart and the Walton Foundation. Seems like the business caters to mothers on a family budget, so perhaps parents and caregivers should know what the discount store is up to that could affect their children’s schools. So, in all of […]

Are #TFA corps members a bunch of “scabs”?

I saw someone whom I respect call them as such, a “scab recruiter.” Wow, I don’t know about this one. Scabs, those that cross picket lines during a strike, is that what they’re doing? You have a national debate in this country about teacher quality and the perceived ineptitude of preparation programs. At the same […]

What #liberals and #left-thinkers don’t seem to get about #education

Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 11.56.11 AM

Chalk Face is left-leaning and Democratic, no lies. But here’s the problem. It’s a screenshot of a survey over at Daily Kos, which is one of the liberal blogs of record. See that first answer choice there, public education? It’s not just Republicans destroying public education all right? We have Democrats for Education Reform and […]

A #public #education supporter at #occupydenver

Go Peggy!

A little #snark in #Rhee’s direction

From the Washington Business Journal:   After five months on the market, [Rhee’s] five-bed, 3.5-bath house at 1439 Madison St. NW finally sold for $841,000, shy of the $875,000 she’d listed it for this spring and $855,000 she bought it for in 2007’s happier times. Maybe she needs more speaking engagements to make up for […]

#Rhee and her talent agency

How do I wind up with this stuff anyway? Ah well, in any case, Kent State University in Ohio recently hosted Michelle Rhee as a guest speaker for the paltry, “discounted” sum (read: discounted) of $35,000. Inasmuch as the private sector is largely a threat to free and equitable public education, I have to say […]


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