The Failure of Those in Charge Permeates District 7 in the Bronx


From the ramblings of my blog, South Bronx School Juan Gonzalez wrote a great piece in yesterday’s Daily News on how the Young Leaders Elementary School, a school opened up by Uncle Mike in 2008, is now on the list of possible closures.  Funny thing is, Young Leaders Elementary School replaced another closed school, PS […]

Going Down The Quality Review Tubes at PS 154x


Reprinted from my blog, South Bronx School In 1974, or maybe 1973, Senator Howard Baker then the ranking minority member of the then Senate Watergate Committee asked this famous question during the Watergate hearings; “What did the President know and when did he know it?” Well we here at SBSB are asking the same question […]

Is Maverick Education Partnership (CFN 407) Complicit in PS 154’s Failing??


More from my blog; South Bronx School Is it funny, the ironic kind of funny, how Uncle Mike and his henchmen want to publicly out teachers TDR’s and shame teachers? Yet, where is the voracious callings to show what those who are running the schools actually do, where they are, and what their assessments are? […]

Goodbye to PS 154 in The Bronx?


Wow, I have been gone for some time now.  According to SBSB records the last blog post was October 2. Unfortunately, I have been quite busy of late and have had a bad case of writer’s block. But not to fear, as when the blog started back in 2008, I have recently been blessed with […]


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