Another experiment: #edreform news briefs as WW2 propaganda reels

As if I don’t have other things to think about, I wanted to experiment with providing perhaps bi-monthly news reels sort of summarizing what’s been happening. And I wanted to try a different format. Let’s see where this one goes until I’m tired of it. Or, if folks like it, it’ll stay. So, enjoy the […]

“V” is for Victory #commoncore


More “propaganda”

Free @thechalkface propaganda gallery

L'Education Entreprise

Images are powerful and when there’s free time, I make them. So, we offer you the following image gallery for free to use and share at your leisure. Many are based on WWI and II propaganda posters, others humdrum internet memes with an education twist. Myself and others will likely keep adding to this gallery […]

More evidence corroborating Professor Krashen and exposing the contrived skills and STEM crises

“…the impending shortage of scientists and engineers is one of the longest running hoaxes in the country” — Gerald W. Bracey Schools Matter‘s Professor Stephen Krashen has been a long time critic of the media promulgated mythology that there’s a shortage of qualified workers, particularly those in the Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) fields. A […]

Not based on the best example of WW2 prop, but I think this captures #scrapthemap



The Enemy is Testing, Enlist.


THE Great Crippler: Testing


As the title suggests. Although, since it’s inspired by old WPA posters, perhaps the term “crippler” is a tad dated. But the girl in the picture looks so menacing.

At the Chalk Face fights for freedom

#Edreform propaganda posters, the grand experiment. Thoughts?

Kopp’s shameless self-promotion in the guise of a Kozol book review


“Ms. Kopp’s husband, Richard Barth, was an Edison executive before taking over as CEO of KIPP’s national foundation, where he has sought to decertify its New York City unions.” — Jesse James Alred One thing I’ll concede to the corporate education reformers is their uncanny ability to use anything as a sales pitch for neoliberalism […]

Astounding collection of WWII British propaganda films, via @boingboing

While we’re on teaching primary documents, there’s a great collection of free and downloadable films posted by the British Council meant to aid the war effort in Britain during WWII. I’ve always had an odd interest in WWII, and I don’t know where it came from. Little bits like this really make me happy. I […]

"Rupert Murdoch is not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company"

Wonder if sympathy cards have gone out yet from Joel Klein, Peter Gorman, and the rest of Murdoch edu-whores.  From the Report by the House of Commons (their bold): “On the basis of the facts and evidence before the Committee, we conclude that, if at all relevant times Rupert Murdoch did not take steps to become […]

Corporate Education Reform’s Slime Machine Goes After NRC Report

Hoover Institution economist, Eric Hanushek, is one of the chief think tank hacks for corporate education reform and the testing-industrial complex.  His work consistently reminds us of the definition of “ecomomist” as “an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday did not happen today.”  As a perfect example of this characterization, […]

Gates Document Details Plans for Influence Peddling and Propaganda War for Corporate Ed

Valerie Strauss has acquired the smoking gun that documents what we have known for a long time now: the Gates Foundation is flooding the nation’s political plates with cash, along with state and local school systems, all the way down to the classroom level. The amazing document, this Gates proposal, outlines the work of a […]

Joel Klein Steps Into Role as Oligarchs’ Bomb Thrower

While Joel Klein was Chancellor of NYC Schools, there was no one besides Bloomberg that teachers hated more within the five boroughs.  With his saccharine smirk that elevates an arrogance born of ignorance and an utter disdain for educators, Klein played McChoakumchild to Bloomberg’s Gradgrind with true Dickensian authenticity.  Now that Klein is spending more […]


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