My progressive friends prefer demagoguery over truth on education reform

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 9.03.09 AM

My progressive friends in the broader media have it frequently wrong on corporate education reform, touting views that are hardly socially just. Instead, they mine their neoliberal connections to peddle the same corporate canards. It is obvious to me that mainstream progressive media are so disinterested in education that their reporting on the issue is […]

Hey, @cornelwest, WE’RE not silent. They just won’t listen. Help us. #edreform #progressives

Good video. Now, fair reader, help us reach the hell out, will you?

Interesting quote on #edreform and Kool-Aid

From a friend on Facebook: There are a whole bunch of progressives and civil rights advocates who drank the Education Reform Kool Aid , who in spite of everything currently happening in schools , are hoping against hope that teacher accountability through test scores isn’t a total nightmare. Unfortunately, all the evidence shows that’s exactly […]


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