Interesting Teacher Appreciation festivities from a MI charter school, via @eclectablog

A MI charter school decides to humiliate its teachers to appreciate them. Interesting. MANDIVA – Our 3 favorite male faculty members in heels for an hour SAVE MY JOB – 3 faculty members will stand in the parking lot during dismissal and hold a sign. CREAM FACIAL – Students will throw pie in 3 faculty members’ faces during […]

Guest Post: Here’s to a Progressive/Conservative Movement to Take Back Our Schools

We met the other day in the kitchen of a retired teacher. We were quite the mix of people, with a far right conservative and a far left progressive; long­time retired teachers, and currently working teachers; elementary teachers, high school teachers and a university teacher. Despite our differences, we all came together out of a […]

Here I am, enjoying my coffee, and…

I have my local Fox 5 affiliate on in the background for noise, not really sure why.  In any event, I see a short piece on the “Common Core Controversy.” I’ll post the segment later if the link becomes available.  Not a lot of meat to the piece, but I must say one thing: Tea […]

My interview on All Things Considered on #NPR

My interview on All Things Considered on #NPR Coming up between 5PM and 6PM EDT, I’m not sure of the exact time. If you can’t listen live, I think it says the archive audio should be available at 7PM EDT. Unfortunately, I’ll be at a wedding at 5, so won’t be able to listen live. […]

In the green room before my interview for NPR’s weekend edition

On my way out through the lobby, saw Michael Steele on the phone. He’s taller than I thought. The show’s going to broadcast tomorrow. I’ll link to it. But they originally contacted me because of this article that I wrote for Huffington Post about progressive disenchantment with the President. You just never know when or […]

Shove Your Yardstick and Your Calipers and Your ETS

Indiana has recently released its “report card” assessments of its public schools.  I’m sure I don’t need to go into the reasons the grades themselves are only political and have nothing to do with the welfare of our children but rather the welfare of our business managers. In fact Diane Ravitch had a brief post […]

Empty of Fact: Rachel Brown’s Bellwether Propaganda


I asked Doug Martin, my colleague at The Common Errant and a dogged investigator of politico-corporate-educational malfeasance, to help us interpret the misleading graphic presentation offered by Rachel Brown for The Atlantic‘s Reform Pamphlet.  Ms Brown seems to be responsible for page 87; I don’t think it’s appropriate to say she wrote it as it is primarily […]

What #progressive #edreform needs right now is CONSOLIDATION

Here’s where progressive activists get all messed up. We fracture into innumerable constituent groups, based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, geography, political leanings, drug use, and God knows what else. Conservatives, you have to respect them for casting aside differences and working together. The genius of the GOP is that they’ve managed to unite […]

Episode 51 of @thechalkface coming up today at 4PM EST, the chat room’ll be open

Join Tim and I at 4PM EST. Call in to the show to talk to us directly or join the chat room. And tell your friends.

At the Chalk Face coming up in a few, or listen at Blog Talk Radio later, you know, when you have time

Here it is. Enjoy, and feel free to call in live. 213-325-3434

Headed to Madison to try out some “real” radio

Tim Slekar and I are going to Wisconsin to put together a few actual radio shows, with At the Chalk Face potentially going mainstream. I guess I have fewer details than I should, but we’re going to be doing three full hour shows, with interviews including Diane Ravitch. Then, some folks at the station are […]

#episode 39 of At the Chalk Face tomorrow at 4PM, be there!!

Check it!!

A great #progressive note on #standardized #testing

Mark Naison posted a note on the false hopes generated by test-based reforms, particularly in low-income communities. To wit: Unfortunately, the whole strategy was destined to fail. It is difficult, if not impossible, to use the public schools to create greater class and race equality , when tax policy, income policy, and numerous informal dimensions […]

A challenge to #progressive #education critics

I’m a vocal opponent of “education reform” in its current and mainstream manifestation: test-driven, market-based reforms. There are numerous allies online. Articles and links are posted blasting common enemies like Michelle Rhee and others. At this point though, I’m a little unclear as to what critics propose as solutions. I see a lot of, you […]


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