The NEA should have listened. It’s too late.


The Washington Post has a feisty profile of the new NEA president, Lily Eskelsen García: What would she do if she were still teaching and an administrator told her to do something in class to improve student’s standardized test scores so that her test-based evaluation would be better?  “I would totally ignore them,” she said. ” ‘Go […]

The Seventh piece of #optout propaganda, the hits just keep coming

Speaks for itself.

#NEA and the #Obama endorsement

The NEA all got together and endorsed Obama for President. Surprised? I guess not. Check out some commentary here and here. I’m not a member anymore, don’t have to be I suppose. I don’t have any insider information on this one, but it’s like, “who else are they going to endorse?” So, I’m inclined to […]

#Obama lost my vote

As a dedicated Democrat, I volunteered for the Obama campaign in Indiana while in graduate school. I was extremely happy when Indiana went blue for the first time since the 60’s. But now, I’m done. Between his comments on testing, military operations in Libya, and of the many other disappointments as a progressive Democrat, I […]


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