My new one @huffingtonpost on merit pay for doctors/teachers

This time, posted in the Politics section. Give it some legs folks, give it some legs.

Yet another At the Chalk Face parody video, a little Flashdance this time. Enjoy

Be forewarned: you’re about to spend roughly three minutes of your life that you’ll NEVER get back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

#NEA and #AFT seem to capitulate rather than taking strong positions on #edreform, via @crooksandliars

Via crooksandliars, the NEA is promising a three point plan for “true education reform,” whatever the hell that means. The plan hinges on improving the professional status of teachers, which is great. And a lot of it is focused on evaluating teachers and candidates.  Every teacher candidate should pass a rigorous classroom-based performance assessment at […]

#BillGates and #edreform

I still find it troubling that a private citizen like Bill Gates has so much influence on public policy. Don’t we live in a democracy? Well, I can already answer that question: no, it’s a sham democracy. In any case, a recent interview in the Wall Street Journal on Gates’ edreform efforts reveals some of […]

L’enseignement comme art d’exécution (that right?)

Like the conversation I had with Steve Bailey the other day, perhaps we need more artistic representations of what is happening in education as an alternative to the blathering in the media and in policy documents. I think the art would send home a much stronger message, at least for some, in terms of what […]


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