Rhetorical and/or philosophical question

Let’s say that your school, a low income area of an affluent major city, enrolls some of the most, shall we say, challenging upper elementary students you/I have ever seen. Day after day after day, they fight instruction and they fight among themselves. Their education is interrupted in what starts each day as minutes, then […]

Robert D. Skeels’ Talk at Association of Raza Educators on December 6, 2012


LAUSD District 2 candidate Robert D. Skeels speaking, and the following roundtable discussion at the December 6, 2012 meeting of the Association of Raza Educators Los Angeles. The topic was ‘Reclaiming Education is a Human Right during this era of Neoliberalism.’ The talk was in preparation for the anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human […]

Some thoughts from New Orleans

Both, BOTH, hosts of at the chalk face are in New Orleans, right in the heart of the French Quarter, at the Curriculum and Pedagogy conference. I first want to thank a friend and colleague for setting this up and gifting us the opportunity to speak. It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly. Basically, our […]

#Teaching as much of an #art as a #science, and vice versa

I’ve commented on this notion before, that I always felt that teaching or good pedagogy is as much of an art as a science. And I’ve developed this view teaching in numerous different circumstances, grade levels, ages, and school populations. There are certain universals that permeate all of these situations. Well, I happened upon a […]

Indiana’s Corporate Education Reformers Get An Earful from Educators

Sanity breaks out in Indiana. From WISH-TV reporter, Deanna Dewberry: . . . .University education leaders say a good teacher must have both a mastery of the subject he’s teaching and knowledge of children and how they learn. That’s why university education leaders, those who teach teachers how to teach, say they oppose Dr. Tony […]


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