Funny anecdote on the edTPA

I see a few folks here and there starting to talk more about the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), or the Pearson product that will now be used to score and certify student teachers. I scored some of these things. Painfully mediocre stuff. Here’s a quick note about my experience that I shared with some others […]

An Opt Out must read.

I have been involved in the Opt Out movement for two years and have read many articles and opinion pieces about boycotting high-stakes standardized testing.  This essay from the The New Yorker hits home on many levels, including the history of testing, is the best piece I have read to date. A must read: […]

Guest Post: Here’s to a Progressive/Conservative Movement to Take Back Our Schools

We met the other day in the kitchen of a retired teacher. We were quite the mix of people, with a far right conservative and a far left progressive; long­time retired teachers, and currently working teachers; elementary teachers, high school teachers and a university teacher. Despite our differences, we all came together out of a […]

#AmericanGirl + Pearson = reality.

Get your doll ready for a "rigorous" day of school!

From what I hear the American Girl series of dolls from Mattel strives to create a realistic version of 9-11 year old girls. Congrats Mattel! This accessory is right on the mark for a young girl attending a public school. The backpack includes a Pearson enVision Math text book that is Common Core aligned.  Hopefully […]

Opting Out is not just in the spring anymore.


For New York Parents: The spring 3-8 state assessments get a great deal of attention, but there are other mandated tests that could be used to evaluate teachers.  These additional tests cause our children to lose more instruction time and impact all grade levels– preK-12.  Families need to say enough is enough and boycott any […]

Pic of a Pearson edpsych text. Is this a problem? I think it is.

I saw this posted, a quick grab of a table from an educational psychology text. Not an ELL or linguistics or language arts texts. Educational psychology. Is it me, or is standard English being pitted against the variations spoken by persons of color? I mean, are all African Americans and Hispanics the same? Are all […]

If it reads like a script and sounds like a script…

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 7.37.16 PM

The New York State Education Department has been aggressive with its reform agenda over the last year, including a new teacher evaluation system (APPR) and implementing the Common Core.   The process of adopting the Common Core has been pushed forward at lightspeed giving educators a feeling of helplessness.  Last spring’s state assessments were Common […]

Guest Post: Why My Family is Boycotting the State Field Tests

I previously wrote about the NY State Field Tests, in which unsuspecting students have their learning time hijacked so they can do free research for Pear$on. This piece, from a fellow member of NYC-based Change the Stakes, was originally published on Schoolbook. Why My Family is Boycotting the State Field Tests by Jinnie Spiegler There […]

CCSS Garbage


*Revised 5/30: As a result of some comments here and on Facebook, I need to be a little more specific on why I wanted to share these homework pages. I was packing up, getting ready to go to my second grader’s youth baseball game, when I saw him head outside with a yardstick.  I asked […]

The Pearson Test

From Stan Karp: Take the Pearson Test: See if you qualify for millions in tax breaks too! 1. NJ is giving over $60 million in tax subsidies to the British-based test publishing giant Pearson, even though the company: A. is sending over 500 jobs out of NJ to NYC B. made profits of $1.4 billion last […]

Pearson history text mimics art history textbook in same controversy, with UPDATES

Missing 3

UPDATE: I have some new pictures and information about this text for you. Thanks Laura for these. Here’s a link on Amazon to the actual text: Global History and Geography: Prentice Hall Brief Review for the NY Regents (2013). So, to prepare for the test, you are encouraged to purchase this handy preparation manual with a […]

GUEST POST: What the Baltimore Sun Won’t Publish

The following is a “readers response” I sent to the Baltimore Sun in response to a commentary posted in the newspaper. Sadly I have had no reply. I am not holding my breath. Silence and ignorance are tools of the oppressive reform movement. Informed community members are a danger to their efforts. Lost in Translation: A response […]

NY: Calling on You to Stop Field Testing


In three weeks, students at over 3,600 schools in New York State will receive a nasty surprise. They mistakenly believe that, for this school year at least, they are done taking tests. When they least expect it, the number 2 pencils and bubble sheets will reappear. When I was in elementary school, June brought Field […]

Student “Takes Aim” at Common Core Math

Somebody has had just about enough of the developmentally inappropriate, overbearing, confusing, and time-consuming program that Pearson thinks is going to help him grow into a successful adult. Enjoy this student’s videography:

Pearson Protest in NJ Changed to Thursday May 23

DEMAND CORPORATIONS PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE THURSDAY, MAY 23, 12:00PM Hoboken Ferry, 1 Hudson Place Hoboken, NJ Tell Governor Christie:  Quit the corporate welfare and fund our public schools! Protest Governor Christie’s giveaways to corporate ed giant Pearson! High-stakes testing giant Pearson Education, Inc. was offered an $80 million payday from the state of […]


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