Dr. Krashen’s Solutions Work! Preempt “summer learning loss” by addressing poverty, and ensuring access to books!

Dr. Krashen's proven reforms to preempt "summer learning loss." Address poverty, and ensure access to books!

Providing more access to interesting reading material by investing in public libraries and librarians is an excellent way to deal with summer learning loss. — Dr. Stephen D. Krashen Let’s talk about serendipity. This morning at teacher sent me a Haertel paper on the unreliability of Value Added Measures, and I saw a figure in […]

Where isn’t @plthomasedd these days? Talking top down crisis @dailykos

I had this entry bookmarked, didn’t see at first it comes from our own Dr. Paul Thomas. Now the neoliberals are lamenting the neglect of our high achieving students. They are now in crisis. Do our moments of crisis ever end? Although, I will say this, from my anecdotal experiences. There’s a definite middle that […]

Click here to listen to the show on Blog Talk Radio

Click here to listen to the show on Blog Talk Radio We’re going to be joined by Dr. Paul Thomas, talking some Edushyster again, and finally a bit about why one of us was on NPR yesterday. Chat’s always open, live tweet @thechalkface


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