Guest post from teacher Mark Butler: Kicking the Common Core Football @parccinfo

On the surface it might seem confusing as to why Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA) would suddenly come out in opposition to the PARCC assessment– and in doing so, undermine the authority of State Superintendent, John White, Jr. Jindal hand-picked White for Superintendent in January 2012, and has until this recent turnabout, remained lockstep with him on […]

@PARCCplace : More bang for the buck?

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The PARCC folks and Common Core cheerleaders like to talk about the next generation of standardized testing.  Are these new tests worth the $29.50 per student cost? In my state of New York that would triple the cost of the current 3-8 testing program.  Of course we will also need to seriously upgrade technology in […]

Goodness gracious, the PARCC samples are ready! Thanks @PARCCplace

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Is there no irony sensed that PARCC Place is a play on words of the most expensive place on the Monopoly board? Ok, let’s shoot on over to PARCC Place, then, and see what they’re about. Let’s practice! Damn it!! All right, all right. I’ll play along. Even though all the cool kids use Chrome. […]

PARCC: A buffet of answers.

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PARCC promised us a “next-generation assessment” to help assess whether our children are “college and career ready”. These new super tests must be vastly improved: some of the questions give students six choices instead of the standard four!  Here is the full release of new prototypes. Follow Chris Cerrone on twitter: @Stoptesting15

Paul Toner, MA TURNcoat, Leads Charge for Common Core and PARCC


Lawyer, corporate stooge, and MTA President, Paul Toner has sold teachers down the river in Massachusetts with support for test score based teacher evaluations, more segregated corporate reform schools, and now the Common Core testing delivery system. Toner has a propaganda piece at the MTA site that once again applies lipstick to the pig that he […]

PARCC 90210


PARCC will be field testing its assessments in fourteen states and DC next spring. Normally I would be firing up the opt out machine to protest another waste of my children’s time but a fellow education advocate gave me a different idea: She stated “the only thing worse than no data is bad data” referencing how […]

Get Your Common Corporate Test for Just $29.95, or Wait for the Fire Sale

One of the two ginormous Common Corp consortia, PARCC, finally priced their product line yesterday.  The $29.95 per student does not include costs for professional development, diagnostic tests, formative tests, interim tests, speaking and listening tests (required), or any of the necessary technology infrastructure costs for installation, training, security, and repairs resulting from unplanned breakdowns, […]

#PARCC releases cost assessments. Even $1.00 is too much on this nonsense

The counters of beans can rejoice: PARCC will “only” cost states on average of $29.95 per student for both ELA and math. Good thing they kept it under $30, or like the special at Wal-Mart on the Hal Leonard Play Guitar Today! kit, I wouldn’t have bought it. Does this $29.95 include a volume discount? I’m not […]

Educators in OK developing their own #commoncore assessments

This, from State Impact Indiana: …Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi estimated the state can save at least $2 million a year if it develops its own test rather than go with the PARCC exam. This is how it all works. States, as mandated by the USDE, with influence from the private sector, require […]

GUEST POST: What the Baltimore Sun Won’t Publish

The following is a “readers response” I sent to the Baltimore Sun in response to a commentary posted in the newspaper. Sadly I have had no reply. I am not holding my breath. Silence and ignorance are tools of the oppressive reform movement. Informed community members are a danger to their efforts. Lost in Translation: A response […]

Let’s do a little #parcc math, shall we?

I’ve been curious about the recent release of time estimates for the PARCC tests, via Education Week. I was thinking about the typical elementary school, ones that I’ve been in, to see how this is going to work in practice, at least for the first couple of years as we go into total flux mode. Nevermind […]

From the NYCDOE: Talking to your child about the #commoncore and tests

A conversation guide courtesy of the NYCDOE. How very helpful. Are you kidding me? Explain to your child that most of the jobs she will want when she grows up will require her to be a good reader and writer. She will need to be able to do math problems that come up in the […]

Rank, RANK amateurism from #PARCC tools and #commoncore

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 2.59.46 PM

I’ve commented on this previously. And one more here. I had forwarded to me an email message about PARCC releasing some kind of planning tools to get ready for the big assessments. I decided to examine the prototypes again to see if there was anything different. They’re the SAME things they released in November when I […]

Details on #sequestration and #edreform… blah, blah, blah

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2.21.10 PM

Both poles of the political spectrum have been trying to game the impacts of the sequester. I wanted to take a closer look at its effects in education, particularly in the state where I reside, Maryland. Fortunately for us plebes, documents are available detailing the impact of the sequester in each state. Here’s Maryland’s, for […]

Oh, and one other thing about #PARCC samples, and it’s kind of funny

I’m looking at a 10th grade reading prototype here. You have links to the articles or sample readings. So, you click the links and they take you to a couple of random websites. One is some guy’s blog on poetry. The other for Ovid links randomly to the Sogang University in Korea website that, for […]


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