Back live next week. For now, enjoy a studio version with public school parent Michelle

Enjoy your brunches. Then, listen to mom Michelle discuss her multi-year test refusal for her children.

Remember the musicians who changed their tune

As organizations jumble and revise their official positions, remember those who tried to stifle you in the past. Forgive, cooperate, but never forget those who told you that, for instance, opting out was a great and radical evil. Remember those who called you crazy, passionate with no sense, and tried to tease you into submission, […]

Recent #optout episodes of @thechalkface

As testing season is upon us, we’ve got a couple of recent, special episodes on the subject of opting out or refusing state testing. In the few years we’ve been covering this issue, this is the first time, at least to my knowledge that, one, massive opt outs are occurring, two, they’re being covered extensively, […]

As “scary” as it gets, a blank parent report. #optout


See how easy this is? No consequences, just a blank report. That’s all. So, parents, what are you waiting for? An invitation?

Another taste of test abstention data

As we continue to sift through the data from the survey, I wanted to offer the reader another taste. Here’s the list of tests refused this year. Now, I’ve learned two things from this. One, a great variety of assessments. And two, are you kidding me? How many products do we need and how much […]

A preliminary taste: #optout #refusal map based on survey data

Click below to view the map. This includes only the first 250 respondents because the tool requires payment for more data points. Good job Long Island, good job. View UOO DATA MAP in a full screen map

Support Chicago Students’ Test Boycott Tomorrow

From PURE: « Students opting out of PSAE PSAT for 4-23-13: Support the student PSAE test boycott Tomorrow, CPS high school students organized by Chicago Students Organizing to Save Our Schools and VOYCE will boycott the second day of the state high school exam, the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE). The first testing day includes the ACT […]

A round-up of some important stories out there on testing

From the asinine: DC custodial staff evaluated by test scores Here’s a plane being assembled mid-air. And finally, a lawsuit brewing in FL over evaluations based on students they never taught. Happens everywhere people.     

Educate yourself on the #optout issues dujour, in New York state

If you want information, a nice primer on how it’s done, listen to yesterday’s episode of At the Chalk Face with guest co-host Chris Cerrone (like macaroni).

Big day in Albany, NY tomorrow, #LIriseup

NY state is bringing it.

Intimidation from officials at the NYDE for #optout

This from someone on Facebook: In NY, the following information was recently passed on to local teacher’s unions… and the fear continues: –>Locals and individual union members who advise parents or students to “opt out” of state tests may face risks. –>A teacher who, in conversations with students or parents, takes a position on testing […]

My little advocate says “checkmate”


We are less than a week away from the state assessments in New York State and my oldest received the annual state testing notice informing parents children should get a good night’s sleep, eat breakfast, and of course bring plenty of #2 pencils. Well aware of our family’s stance on high-stakes testing, she decided to […]

A parent sends word from CAVA that optouts are happening

Typing with a broken left wrist. Very slow, so let’s make this easy. A concerned CA parent sent me some documents they received from administration from the California Virtual Academy, where her child attends. Does this tell us anything? I don’t know. Apparently, some discussion within CAVA is occurring about opting out of the CST, […]

Good example of why #optout is a great strategy

And this from a Johns Hopkins computer science course, from BoingBoing: Johns Hopkins computer science prof Peter Fröhlich grades his students’ tests on a curve — the top-scoring student gets an A, and the rest of the students are graded relative to that brainiac. But last term, his students came up with an ingenious, cooperative […]

Beware the fair-weather foils of #HST

Here’s a great story on NPR about the Seattle test boycott.  By the way, have you heard our interview with Seattle teacher Jessie Hagopian? Well, you should. You know, within the circles I run, there’s a lot of support out there for the various schools in the Seattle area who’ve taken this very courageous move. […]


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