Spend part of your holiday with us at 6PM EST as we speak to GA parents with a strange #optout story

Here’s the deets. Now listen to the story.

@NPR @WHYY does #optout story. Cuts United Opt Out’s voice of truth, ME!

On Monday morning when I got to my desk I noticed that the voice mail light was blinking on my phone.  I picked up the receiver and went through the steps to retrieve my messages.  There was only one and it was a producer from NPR the WHYY affiliate (Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware) inquiring about my […]

What an anti-test activist can do in a school during testing

For me, nothing, just stand aside. That’s all I can do, unless I’m prepared to jeopardize my employment and, selfishly, the employment of others in my school. I’m a Kindergarten teacher, so thankfully we are insulated from most of testing’s ill effects. But I can report on how the administration of testing during the specific […]

#optout Chicago: Administrator Pledge


Michelle Gunderson: Administrator’s Pledge on Ethical Treatment of Students Who Opt Out Originally appeared here: http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/living-in-dialogue/2014/03/michelle_gunderson_shares_an_a.html

NYS PTA: We want your two dollars (but not your input.) #PTA


Let me start this post out by saying that as an educator and parent the local PTA groups in the districts I am involved with are amazing.  The volunteers of the PTA do so much to enhance the experiences of our children. We cannot thank active local PTA members enough for all they do for […]

A parent “release” form for testing #optout from #DougCo Colorado


I think this is pretty hastily written and there are legal implications to it. No alternative activities? If your child is in attendance they WILL be tested? And, the punishments to teachers and schools for low test participation are hardly clear, or as clear as they indicate. Case in point, there are no quotes of […]

An Opt Out must read.

I have been involved in the Opt Out movement for two years and have read many articles and opinion pieces about boycotting high-stakes standardized testing.  This essay from the The New Yorker hits home on many levels, including the history of testing, is the best piece I have read to date. A must read: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/comment/2014/01/the-defiant-parents-testings-discontents.html?mobify=0 […]

Teaser trailer for United Opt Out’s annual spring event #optout

Embed and share widely. UOO takes their fight to Denver, CO this year, March 28th to 30th, 2014. Check their website over the coming months for updates and details. In the past two years, UOO’s events in Washington, DC attracted grassroots activists and prominent figures nationwide. They’ve kindled uprisings and awareness in numerous communities. If […]

A story of revolution….


The King and his policymakers gather in a large building making laws for the people in lands far from the towers of the capital.  The leaders imposed a biased system of judgement that took away the opportunities for localities to make their own decisions. People proclaimed that citizens should be judged by their “peers” instead […]

Good coverage of the #optout movement from NYmag

Read up. United Opt Out National receives a mention. Nice.

United Opt Out’s Spring Event: Re-Education through #optout!

It’s official.  United Opt Out’s Spring event planning board (after meeting in a closed door session) has targeted one of the epicenters of Reformer attacks on public education and community schools—Colorado—for an intervention! Douglas County Education Reformers Beware! Denver Education Reformers Beware! Jefferson County Education Reformers Beware! Here’s what we know so far. We are […]

#optout in Wisconsin

It’s official.  We are now Wisconsin opt outers! Dear Principal: Michelle and I are requesting that Lacey not participate in state standardized testing during the current school year. Furthermore, we ask that no record of this testing be part of Lacey’s permanent file, as we do not wish for Lacey to participate in standardized achievement […]

New Refusal Movement Blossoms in New Mexico


New Mexico has one of the masters of Chiefs for Change, Hanna Skandera, in the chief’s seat of their education department.  They are under her thumb and trapped under her policies, which she brought with her, straight outta Florida and straight from Jeb. This week, Albuquerque BOE member Kathy Korte organized and held a rally […]

Score Reports: Send ‘em Back

Send Back

In a state-wide effort to protest the lack of validity, loss of instruction time, and educational harm caused by mandated state assessments, New York State Allies for Public Education has called for parents to “send the scores back”. Parents around New York will be sending back to their children’s score reports to NYSED Commissioner John […]

My 8 year old cries foul on testing.

At last week’s school board meeting in my rural Western New York community an excellent discussion on testing occurred, focusing on the use of progress monitoring assessments.  Several families, including mine, have made the decision to boycott all assessment that is mandated by federal or state policy.   Our district uses a Pearson product called AIMSweb […]


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