Jeb Bush and Randy Best Team to Promote College Caste System

Randy Best and the Bush Family have a long and profitable history to celebrate during this Holiday Season.  Best has been a longtime supporter of the Bush political dynasty in Texas, and the Bushes have been generous in sharing insider knowledge with Randy on education initiatives that Best then exploited to get fabulously wealthy.  In […]

Nineteenth Century English Schools for the Poor in Yuma, AZ: Only the Monitors Have Been Swapped Out

Above is an illustration of cutting edge pedagogy in the early 19th Century for English children who could not afford private schools.  The monitorial system was based on older boys monitoring younger ones who parroted back memorized lessons before they could move up to the next row.  As many as 500 boys could be schooled […]

Bloggers Beware: The Online Bedbugs Want to Hitch a Ride

The fat bedbugs that run the online diploma mill business are unrelenting.  They write lengthy friendly comments to blog posts, and just underneath some of the verbiage, they attach their swollen transparent red blood-filled carcasses in hopes that some unsuspecting reader will take their links home.  That is how their blood-sucking infestations spread, and once […]

Heard a radio ad for #K12 this morning, pretty hilarious!

… and by hilarious I mean not hilarious. I have satellite radio. When you listen to CNN or MSNBC, for instance, there’re commercials. I consider satellite radio commercials to be the sewage of advertising, kind of like late night TV. Crammed between commercials for discount Viagra, Ashley Madison, and tax relief, I heard an ad […]

Flipping the script with #online #education

I’ve got one eyebrow raised. Education Week talks about flipping the model: lectures at home online and then actual classrooms reserved for problem solving and projects. Hmm. This “flip model” of instruction has gotten national media attention lately, thanks to its promotion by Khan Academy, the high-profile nonprofit online-tutoring library created by Salman A. Khan, […]


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