#Occupylafayette, happening now, shaking my head

Parents, students, and educators occupied Lafayette ES in Chicago, slated for closure. This is a brilliant form of protest, everyone there should be applauded for their courage. This is quite a beautiful building in the picture. I cannot imagine what the city is planning to do with it.  Below is an image from a friend […]

The trailer for the documentary Standardized posted @dianeravitch

Daniel Hornberger of Rockfish productions came to Occupy 2.0 in DC and got a ton of footage. Uses some with Diane Ravitch in the trailer.

Ha, that’s a good one of #uoodc13


Under new management.

A collection of links from Occupy the DOE 2.0 #uoodc13

As the dust finally settles on a great event, there’s still work to be done. Namely, collecting coverage of the event. I’m going to start posting links here. If I’ve missed any, please let us know in the comments. We’re expecting some long form pieces in the coming days, so they’ll be updated. Democracy Now! […]

Myself and others will be part of an SOS webinar on our Occupy2.0 event

Here’s the link, and the blurb: To Occupy or be Occupied, that is the question.  In reality, perhaps the greater question is are we, in this country, preoccupied with high-stakes testing, and teaching only The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [STEM] courses? Do we score our youth and define them, their teachers, and schools as successes […]

Large Monopoly board planned for #occupy2.0 in DC, #optout

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.12.48 PM

This is just a blank diagram of the giant education reform Monopoly board I’m going to paint on canvas. I plan on rolling it out for people to play during the event. Working out all of the spaces, suggestions in the comments would be helpful.

Consider crowd funding occupy the doe 2.0, coming up this April @unitedoptout


UOO is trying to fund trips for students to attend the event in Washington, DC this April. Click the picture to access the GoFundME page and think about making a contribution. Plus, you get some serious swag depending on how much you give.

Prop poster 12: The Battle for Public Schools

Another experimental poster. Share widely.

The Seventh piece of #optout propaganda, the hits just keep coming

Speaks for itself.

Another mysterious video from the #occupythedoe crowd. Interesting.

As the title suggests.

Two items of extreme interest. You know you want to look.

First, have you listened to our recent episode of At the Chalk Face with guest, Chicago teacher Michelle Gunderson? If not, well you should. Right now. Second, check out friend, colleague, and UOO founder Morna McDermott kicking some media ass at OWS in NYC this weekend. That is all for now.

An old graphic on #education spending per #GDP, still relevant


An old graphic on #education spending per #GDP, still relevant

Made this about a year ago. Download and share.

@skrashen at #occupy the DOE in DC (haven’t typed that last phrase in a while)

Good video, thanks Califather:  

Another great photoset and various sundries from #occupydoe, via @unitedoptout

Here’s the link, enjoy.

@schoolsmatter posts the full schedule for #Occupy the DOE in DC

Here it is. Come one thousand come all!!


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