Opt Out’s Four Day Occupation Video Archive

In mid-livestream, you might say.  Find other speeches here. Watch live streaming video from califather at livestream.com

Press release from @unitedoptout, share widely #optout

Occupy DOE 2.0 Press Release FINAL PDF: Click that link to download it.

Don’t Miss This One: Stephen Krashen at Occupy the DOE

Stephen Krashen is the funniest, most entertaining, and most knowledgeable educator/researcher that the University of Southern California can brag about.  If you have not heard Stephen make his case, brew up a cup of tea and check this out. Watch live streaming video from califather at livestream.com

Dave Green: "The Inconvenient Truth Behind Teach for America and Its Inadequate Version of Teacher Training"

Continuing our teach-in from last weekend’s Occupation at ED, next up is Dave Green, who does field supervision of teacher interns for Fordham U. in NYC.  This is a really well-crafted presentation by someone who has seen TFA up close and personal.  Please watch and learn. The KIPP chain gangs and their emulators could not […]

Arne Duncan, Let My People Go!

Occupy the Department of Education, sponsored by United Opt Out, took place in DC March 30 – April 2, 2012. The quantitative numbers were somewhat low for an Occupy protest but from a qualitative standpoint, the event was a huge success. Teachers, parents, concerned citizens and academics gathered for four straight days outside the DoED. […]

@unitedoptout as badass as ever during #occupydoe, picture as evidence

Need I say anything more about this picture? No, this will be the album cover of our lives and will make a perfect visual of the book we’re going to write.

Livestream link for #occupy the doe event, @unitedoptout

Here’s the link to the livestream account where all of the days events and teach-ins were broadcast. You can view all on archive, speakers from Mike Klonsky, Jesse Turner, Steve Krashen, David Greene, and others. Enjoy.

KIPP Presentation at Occupy the DOE: Stop the KIPP-nosis

During the past weekend (March 30-April 2), a feisty and determined group of teachers, scholars, parents, grandparents, and students met to organize and teach one another about how all this high stakes testing is not good for kids.  Califather was there to capture the entire 4 day event on live video, which is now archived […]

Seattle Educations has a great spread on #occupy the DOE in DC, including @unitedoptout #optoutreach

Here it is, check it out. Thanks folks!

Working the same with less in PA, no surprise there

How is it possible that schools are expected to level all social inequities, yet they must do so with constant reminder that their money is under perpetual attack? I don’t get it. Can someone explain it to me once they read this, via crooksandliars. And by the way, how is it possible that not ONE […]

#Occupy the department of #education in DC coming up March 30th, @unitedoptout

Here’s a new something-something at the Huffington Post on the Occupy the DOE event this week. OMG!!

#Occupy the #DOE in DC gets coverage in the Answer Sheet, thanks @valeriestrauss

Reporting on the event less than one week away!  The event includes seminars, led by professors, activists and others, as well as marches and speeches that together are designed to express opposition to the education policies of President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, which critics say have, among other things, increased the importance of […]

The “other half” of @thechalkface waxes #optout on a local CBS show today, @unitedoptout

Here’s the interview, and we see the actual poster, that’s pretty cool. Co-founder Tim, oohh reeaaally? I’m just kidding. Great stuff.  

Livestream info for Occupy the DOE in DC March 30th to April 2nd, host a viewing party! @unitedoptout

Here’s a flyer with information, pass it along!! LIVESTREAM FLYER UOO

Can you not make it to DC for the DOE event on March 30th? Well…

You can host a live stream party. Here’s the information. Let us know if you need more information, help with live stream, or if you’re hosting a gathering. Two livestream channels – we will use this one first – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/unitedoptout – but if for some reason it doesn’t work and/or we reach our data limit we will […]


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