Orwellian Obama or Brocialite Brand? UPDATED

In late spring, I posted a video of Tupac Shakur because I was impressed with his clarity, especially against the sad state of public commentary by our elected officials concerning education. Now I ask a follow up question: Do you prefer Orwellian Obama or actor Russell Brand? Please watch and decide: — I then recommend […]

First Lady As Out of Touch As Her Husband

Michelle Obama wasted her opportunity to speak at the predominantly black Bowie State commencement in Maryland this year.  Rather than a strong transformative message, she chose to revive some of the same bromides and to perpetuate some of the same old myths that neolibs and neocons have been spouting ever since Reagan derailed the education […]

#Sequestration #edreform, the “cartoon”

Sequestration reform

Maybe it speaks for itself.

Even #progressive media can’t report #education in helpful ways, @maddow

I listened to this segment on satellite radio the other night. Rachel Maddow was talking the President’s pre-K plan. Here’s more about it from the Maddow Blog. At this point, I can’t even discern who the guest was on the show, some dude. He was clearly an economist. He did some study on the benefits of […]

@dianeravitch makes suggestions on education for #obama #sotu, could we bag the competition?

Here they are, via Bill Moyers. She makes two main suggestions:  First, we must end the pressure on teachers to teach to the test… Second, we must strengthen and improve our public schools. I support both of these, but I just really don’t agree with the fundamental premise here. I realize that Moyers was asking various […]

Allow me to revisit the previous #SOTU on #education

SOTU Wordle

Much, much ado about what the President will say about education in tomorrow’s SOTU address. The Answer Sheet has what SHOULD be said. But I’m revisiting a post I have up here from the previous SOTU speech. The image to the left is a Wordle graphic of the speech. Notice how, from the transcript, the word […]

The Seventh piece of #optout propaganda, the hits just keep coming

Speaks for itself.

My interview on All Things Considered on #NPR

My interview on All Things Considered on #NPR Coming up between 5PM and 6PM EDT, I’m not sure of the exact time. If you can’t listen live, I think it says the archive audio should be available at 7PM EDT. Unfortunately, I’ll be at a wedding at 5, so won’t be able to listen live. […]

In the green room before my interview for NPR’s weekend edition

On my way out through the lobby, saw Michael Steele on the phone. He’s taller than I thought. The show’s going to broadcast tomorrow. I’ll link to it. But they originally contacted me because of this article that I wrote for Huffington Post about progressive disenchantment with the President. You just never know when or […]

#negotiating #edreform with #obama part two

#negotiating #edreform with #obama part one

October jobs report from #bls on #education

Once again, not much of a game changer on the October jobs report, the last before this election. Pundits on either side will spin this in whichever way that suits their interests. Although, I am somewhat relieved that the picture is mixed to positive. Of course, everything here is about education and I noticed that […]

A simple question for #Romney about the Navy and, well, #education

A lot of hay being made of Romney’s silly little Navy comment, and of the President’s smart, albeit rehearsed, reposte. So, we should build MORE boats, more carriers, more than the next 13 countries combined, spending billions of new dollars, because Defense needs to finish its missions from the Hunt for Red October. I think […]

A Letter to Senator Casey and President Obama

Dear Senator Casey and President Obama, Thank you so much for being our health care heroes and for caring about the common good of our democracy.   The historic Affordable Care Act is fundamental to the growth of our economy, and most importantly, to the healthy growth of our children. There is a direct parallel in […]

Oh @DFER_news, are you really Democrats? Really? Time to come clean.

Screen Shot 2012-08-15 at 11.30.14 AM

Saw this pop up on Twitter. Wow, that’s amazing. So, with a roughly 17% success rate for chartered institutions, that would mean about 85 schools that will actually, you know, do their job. Then, more math: only 3400 kids will actually benefit. To hell with the rest, right? Democrats. See, this is what the Democrats […]


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