Saying no to college in the NYT: white boys have carte blance #highered #edreform

A piece ran in the NYT recently, in the Fashion & Style section, no less, which seems odd. What isn’t considered fashion? In any case, Saying No to College. Wow, what a concept. In Russia, college says no to you. Anyone? I get it. And to some extent, I’m on both sides of the fence. As […]

No excuses and John Thompson

A guest post by John Thompson discusses the NYT magazine article on character that came out this weekend.  I’m inclined to support Thompson’s writing, but here’s an idea I’m not sure sits well with me: In inner city schools, there is plenty of failure but rarely is there an effort to cultivate grittiness, resilience, and […]

#STEM and the #Steelers

So, the Steelers lost the big game. As a Pittsburgh native, I somehow suspected it. I even told someone it would be 27-24 Packers, so pretty close! I don’t know if that would have made me any money in Vegas. What was the spread? Oh hey, about that Sputnik moment? The NYT says we’re lagging […]

Stanford school

I’m a tad late on this conversation about a charter school run by Stanford’s college of education that was recently denied an extension because of low performance.  Now that I’m getting into it a little bit, this makes me reflect on recent comments I’ve made about colleges of education running their own lab or university […]


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