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Click here to listen to the show on Blog Talk Radio We’re going to be joined by Dr. Paul Thomas, talking some Edushyster again, and finally a bit about why one of us was on NPR yesterday. Chat’s always open, live tweet @thechalkface

My interview on All Things Considered on #NPR

My interview on All Things Considered on #NPR Coming up between 5PM and 6PM EDT, I’m not sure of the exact time. If you can’t listen live, I think it says the archive audio should be available at 7PM EDT. Unfortunately, I’ll be at a wedding at 5, so won’t be able to listen live. […]

In the green room before my interview for NPR’s weekend edition

On my way out through the lobby, saw Michael Steele on the phone. He’s taller than I thought. The show’s going to broadcast tomorrow. I’ll link to it. But they originally contacted me because of this article that I wrote for Huffington Post about progressive disenchantment with the President. You just never know when or […]

MS-NPR Plays Softball with Arne

Ever since NPR and PBS got serious about fund raising among the oligarchs–Gates and the Koch Bros.–their coverage has suffered and their objectivity has been thrown to the wind.  Can we imagine a more inappropriate scenario than the ecology-killing Koch Boys sponsoring PBS’s most prominent science program, NOVA?  Straight out the imagination of Hunter S. […]

Would ensuring #eduwonks and #edpolicy makers actually know about #education help?

We discussed yesterday (hint hint) on At the Chalk Face a recent NPR story from scientists calling for basic scientific literacy from presidential candidates, who drive major policy initiatives affecting us all. We have politicians who claim global warming is a hoax, others who don’t believe in evolution. Shouldn’t we want to know what the candidates […]

He said She said

I’m not a journalist. I kind of wish I was because perhaps then I would be permitted to discuss educational issues to a larger audience. Confinement to academic journals serves no one but the choir. Nevertheless, here’s a fantastic discussion from a journalism professor (right?) from NYU about the laziness of “he said, she said” […]

Recess coaching, really?

I heard this report today on NPR about this new thing called “recess coaching.”  You can also check with the non-profit organization called Playworks for more information on this movement.  Actually, the founder of this group was part of the discussion.


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