Long overdue post from @thechalkface on @huffingtonpost

Long overdue post from @thechalkface on @huffingtonpost A much softer interpretation of the debate online.

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Using the #newtown tragedy to frame #teacher #bashing

There has been a fair amount of, as edu-blogger Jersey Jazzman puts it, “pearl clutching” over intimations that extolling the heroism of Newtown teachers makes a case for a pro-union profession, and a case against all the teacher bashing going on. Here’s an eloquent perspective from the Baltimore Sun on the matter.  At the Chalk […]

A round-up of stories from friends and family @thechalkface #newtown

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From Alternet: Unionized Teachers, So Vilified By the Right, Are the Heroes of Sandy Hook. Do we continue reducing the “value added” of educators to test scores? Perhaps it’s important to reconsider the percentages. Diane Ravitch on the hero teachers of Newtown. Are we really sure the problem with education right now is indeed common curriculum and […]

@thechalkface grieves with #newtown

I was teaching in DC on 9/11/01. We ushered all students to a central foyer, played games, and waited. We waited for parents who, without notification, arrived en masse to pick up their children. We happily let them go to grieve or ride out the fear how they saw fit. I was teaching in Montgomery […]


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