NYT Editorial Sinks to New Low

Dear Mr. Rosenthal, This is why I have decided to cancel my subscription to your paper today. Many people I know have already done so, but I’ve been holding out because of my love for the good journalism that goes on at the paper. As a teacher, parent and thinking individual, this editorial today about […]

NYTimes Editorial Board Dancing the CorpEd Soft-shoe

Clarence Thomas is one of those exceptional black men who climbed to the top in his field and then pulled up the ladder behind him.  As a representative of the U. S. Supreme Court’s tokenism, Thomas reliably parrots the white conservative justices who, otherwise, would view him with the same mixture of fear and disdain […]

Friend David Green’s #TFA commentary @nytimes comes at a good time

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.06.36 AM

I’m starting to feel as if the TFA brand is getting a tad tarnished. It’s not fooling a lot of people anymore, as is apparent from many of the responses Mr. Greene received. When I spoke at the 92Y last month, I was right after Wendy Kopp. She left immediately after her talk, the prima donna […]

Big data strikes again with Coursesmart, #highered take notice

According to the NYT, professors can now track how students are reading digital materials: Major publishers in higher education have already been collecting data from millions of students who use their digital materials. But CourseSmart goes further by individually packaging for each professor information on all the students in a class — a bold effort […]

The Good, Racist People has key parallels to the inherent racism of #edreform

A really, really compelling opinion piece from the NYT on the everyday racism and prejudice expressed by apparent “good people.” This might have to do with education reform measures, as the author already mentioned redlining, blockbusting, and gentrification as part of prejudicial urban renewal: I am trying to imagine a white president forced to show […]

Sorry, Kirp’s Fix Another Flawed Discourse on Ed Reform

Before I could find David Kirp’s “The Secret to Fixing Bad Schools,” I received by email and discovered on Twitter a series of enthusiastic praise from  friends, colleagues, and like-minded progressives and left-leaning radicals. So let me be the first to say, “Sorry, but Kirp’s fix is yet another flawed public commentary about the state […]

Holiday over, work continues for #edreform

What should children read? Interesting question. My knee jerk reaction: whatever the hell they want. An opinion-maker for the NYT blog opens with this, on recognizing reading improves writing, on that point I agree: Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point” and a New Yorker staff writer, told me how he prepared, years ago, to […]

Ok, I’ll weigh in on the great #algebra dispute of 2012

Here’s the original article from the NYT Sunday. Basically, a political scientist (I know, right? What the hell are education researchers doing with all of their time anyway?) argues that math requirements are too stringent and discourage some students from completing their education. On the one hand, we have a post here from Dan Willingham […]

@sobronxschool has an early lead on a college-level standardized #test n’yuk n’yuk

I wish I could have a breaking news banner here. I guess the humble graphic to the left will have to suffice. But over a So Bronx School, there’s a general consensus: David Brooks isn’t too bright. And he isn’t too bright to be advocating so strongly for a standardized college assessment. Tell you what: […]

The deplorable state of #texas #schools, a $$$ problem indeed

The NYT has a piece up about the shoestring budget schools are faced with in Texas. Huh, no mention that a couple hundred districts are choosing the OPT OUT of state testing mandates. Texas Miracle my left butt cheek!

Does #Pearson own #education? Probably.

The NYT is reporting that the New York attorney general is investigating the Pearson Foundation for illegal lobbying, funding professional trips for officials with whom Pearson ultimately contracted. I’m sure there’s a whole lot of commentary ongoing and available on how Pearson, in partnership with a few other big foundations, basically owns K-12 education. But […]

#DOD #schools out perform the rest on #NAEP

And the shocker is they’re outside the mandates of NCLB: hey would find that the schools on base are not subject to former President George W. Bush’s signature education program, No Child Left Behind, or to President Obama’s Race to the Top. They would find that standardized tests do not dominate and are not used to […]

A personal note on #education #leaders, central office types, #consultants and so forth

This is something that needs explanation, and I’ll refrain from all the details of why I’m asking the question. But why do education leaders, those in central offices, why do they only last a year, maybe two? Where’s the loyalty? They come in swashbuckler style, then leave. What can you do in 12, 18 or […]

Addressing #poverty and #education, for real this time

This popped up on my feed this AM, yet another face palm sort of article in the NYT on why poverty and education has yet to be admitted and addressed by the contemporary education reform movement. Of a few, here’s one of the rationales for the denial of poverty: A final rationale for denying the correlation […]

NYTimes Editorial Board Embraces New Orleans Abusive Charter Caste System


Education is ground zero in the systemic exploitation of black people in New Orleans–ground zero because public schools are the direct feeder for the necessary, albeit unskilled, labor needed for the tourist-oriented economy. . . . In New Orleans they are building more hotels every day.  Where will the bellhops and maids come from? . […]


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