The palpable racism of school closures

There I said it. School closure policies are racist. Not necessarily bigoted, but indeed racist. Look up the difference.

Round up of key stories in education today: #tenure #broad #unions #ALEC

Here’s a piece from the Answer Sheet: Broad is stepping on the gas. In case you were wondering, there’s another organization out there working with our university, info here. Nearly half of teachers denied tenure in NYC: fair enough, is this some kind of success story for someone? Tenure protections there are really about due process and […]

3D printing technology in #classrooms

Sounds like a great workshop on using 3D printing in the classroom. Unfortunately, it’s in NYC, otherwise, I’d be there. But no matter, no room in the curriculum for something like that. Nope, nope, nope. Thanks BoingBoing.

#Charter management #FAIL once again

This goes along with the HuffPo piece I wrote recently. I sadly reflect on all the students, teachers, and parents caught in the middle of some person’s cheap scheme to make money. I don’t know the details of the Believe network of schools in NYC. Perhaps the founder’s wishes were good intentioned, but I don’t know […]

A little #BlueEngine that does some stuff and crap

From Eduwonk, something about Blue Engine, yet another organization that assigns precocious college graduates to “failing” inner city high schools. You can check out the organization here. I love how one 1988 study becomes a broad research consensus: Over the past decade, researchers have reached a broad consensus that the strongest predictor of college completion […]

#Teacher incentives #merit less

An interesting report out on the apparent lack of merit on teacher incentives. Granted, this is in one school system (NYC), albeit a large one with a substantial sample. Admittedly, I have to actually read it over, but here’s the abstract: Financial incentives for teachers to increase student performance is an increasingly popular   around the […]


I’m all for new ideas, but what the hell is this? There’s a school with a class size of 60, or 50, or whatever?  There’s a few things wrong with this, in my estimation.  Here’s one: The founder, Shimon Waronker, developed the idea with several other graduate students at Harvard. It draws its inspiration, he […]

Funny as hell

If you don’t know about the whole Cathie Black controversy in NYC, look some of it up here. In response to it, I think this is funny as hell. Maybe Sarah Palin can beg for a waiver to be President in 2012.  She’d need one, although I hope to God she doesn’t get it.


Holiday weekends and traveling make posting difficult, but I’m back for now (hold the applause) from Pittsburgh where my family lives. Another story on the gender gaps today, this time in gifted education in NYC public schools.  I am no expert in very early childhood development, but I believe strongly in the power of social […]


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