The NEA should have listened. It’s too late.


The Washington Post has a feisty profile of the new NEA president, Lily Eskelsen García: What would she do if she were still teaching and an administrator told her to do something in class to improve student’s standardized test scores so that her test-based evaluation would be better?  “I would totally ignore them,” she said. ” ‘Go […]

Fred Klonsky is correct about the #NEARA14

Says the retired teacher on his website: Yesterday NEA Board of Director from Illinois, Jim Grimes, told us that the leadership would present two New Business Items (NBIs) to the delegates.   One addresses the issue of the use and misuse of standardized testing.   The other one will call on local and state affiliates […]

Van Roekel to NEA: With what will you replace the accountability system?

Don't like my brand of toilet paper? What types of leaves do YOU suggest we use?

It’s not the first time Dennis Van Roekel (DVR) has asked this loaded question. Last year, DVR asked the NEA membership at large, during an interview, with what they would purport to replace the Common Core State Standards, if we did get rid of them.  Now, he’s asking the same question, but regarding the current […]

Remember the musicians who changed their tune

As organizations jumble and revise their official positions, remember those who tried to stifle you in the past. Forgive, cooperate, but never forget those who told you that, for instance, opting out was a great and radical evil. Remember those who called you crazy, passionate with no sense, and tried to tease you into submission, […]

The Axiom of the Abandoned: “I Am the Union”

Source: Washington Post

I am pro-union.  Teachers need strong representation and advocacy.  But it’s broken right now. Just when I thought that the speeches and editorials from Dennis Van Roekel and Randi Weingarten were showing a turn-around back to reality, and just when I thought those two were going to start fighting for public education and their members, […]

AFT and ATF Respond to Locals: A Follow-Up

Recently, I posted an article about a story in the Albuquerque Journal about the New Mexico NEA and AFT putting pressure on the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED).  I called the suggestions from the two state union groups an “appeasement.” Also included in my article was a statement from the Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF), […]

NEA and AFT Offer Appeasements; Locals Prefer Democratic Response


An article appeared in the Albuquerque Journal recently, titled, Two Teacher Unions Step Up Actions Against PED.  The article outlines how the national and state-level unions plan to put pressure on the New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) in order to treat teachers more fairly. Read the article here: Here is my response: I’m […]

Collaborationist Responds to Posts on TURNcoats

There is a cancer inside AFT and NEA, and it is The Union Reform Network (TURN).  I have posted previously on this situation more than once, and one of TURN’s members, Jimmy Barnhill, had this response to TURN (Teachers Union Reform Network): Agents and Collaborators: In the ed reform debates of the day, what we need most are […]

Courtesy Ceresta Smith, some intelligence flickers at #NEARA13 #optout

Here’s the full text of NBI 24 passed at the NEA RA in Atlanta on supporting parents who decide to opt their children out of standardized testing: NEW BUSINESS ITEM 24 Adopted as amended NEA shall support the rights of parents/guardians to collaborate with teachers in determining appropriate options for assessment of student proficiency if […]

TURN (Teachers Union Reform Network): Agents and Collaborators

Last updated: 8:45 pm The Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN) has been around since 1996, and Adam Urbanski has been running it since the beginning.  As the earlier post indicated, TURN received a huge infusion of Eli Broad cash in 2001 to “develop a model collective bargaining agreement oriented toward quality teaching rather than work […]

Beyond a seat at the table: FOOD FIGHT!!

Teacher union members have been asking for our national and state associations to stand up for our profession as they have capitulated on policies such as teacher evaluations using test scores and cheerleading for the Common Core.  Some union leaders have expressed the importance of compromise and negotiation in the political world touting they have […]

How AFT and NEA Became Partners of CorpEd

Coming to understand that NEA and AFT have been hijacked by corporate money and the insider machinations of corporate stooges is the first step in reclaiming teacher unions at the national level.  As Susan Ohanian notes in comments at the end of the original piece from Schools Matters that is re-posted below, I hold union […]

SKrashen: Van Roekel asks “What do you want instead (of the common core)?” My response.

I usually just provide a link through to Professor Stephen Krashen’s posts, but this one merits full reproduction here. Van Roekel asks “What do you want instead (of the common core)?” My response. NEA president Dennis Van Roekel has asked: “If you don’t want it (common core), what do you want instead?” The question assumes […]

NEA’s Van Roekel Uses Duncan Lies to Pimp for Common Core: Calls Critics “Confused”


Van Roekel’s patronizing remarks make Arne Duncan’s recent comments on Corporate Core sound respectful to teachers in comparison. From AJC: The opposition to Common Core:  “If you don’t want it, what do you want instead? And what is in the standards that you don’t want a child to know? One of the things that makes […]

Perhaps the NEA and AFT both adhere to an old model of lesson planning

This whole idea of monetizing lesson plans seems like a very antique method. This from the Huffington Post on a very similar initiative soon to be released by the NEA that is strikingly similar to AFT’s Share My Lesson, or whatever. The NEA’s is called, what, BetterLesson or something? I mean, OK, I guess. Who […]


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