Happy New Year from @thechalkface! Top posts of 2012

To celebrate the new year @ the chalk face, here are the top ten posts of 2012: Paul Tough Is Way Off-Base. And Stop Saying “Grit” School Today….What they don’t tell you. (Written by a teacher) Hi. I’m Lauren, and I’m a Recovering Elitist NYC Teaching Fellow Message To My Teacher Friends At The Start […]

Mark Naison on the titular head of the #umass #boycottpearson #puckfearson

I’m just going to quote another note from Dr. Mark Naison of Fordham: Letter in Behalf of Professor Barbara Madeloni Dear Dr McCormick and Dr Staros I was deeply disturbed that the teaching contract of Professor Barbara Madeloni was not renewed by the University of Massachusetts following her organizing a protest against the role of a […]

The public as innocent bystanders in the war on #teachers and #public #schools

Here’s an image of Civil War battle spectators. This sort of reminds me of what I’m reading in the Answer Sheet today from Mark Naison, who by the way is on the schedule for a teach-in at the Occupy the DOE event. We look forward to that. In any event, from Mark: Large numbers of people […]


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