#MoCo super calls for a moratorium on #HST

This has been making the rounds. Montgomery County, MD Superintendent Josh Starr said this: Montgomery County Superintendent Joshua Starr said Monday that the country needs a three-year moratorium on standardized testing and needs to “stop the insanity” of  evaluating teachers according to student test scores because it is based on “bad science.” He also said […]

Montgomery County #superintendent invites @danielpink to chat about motivation

Giving a shout out to a newer blog for covering Daniel Pink’s invitation to speak by Montgomery County superintendent Joshua Starr. This is a great move by Starr who is inviting book talks from folks with different perspectives on education. Here’s what’s so radical: Extrinsic motivators, such as financial incentives, helped speed up assembly lines […]

Racing wherever

Is it me or does the MD state superintendent look like she’s had some “work” done in this picture on the Sun webpage? A little Joan Rivers-esque perhaps? In any case, let’s get on point: MD won this round of RTTT funds from the federal government, one of nine states, to the tune of $250 […]

Teaching FOR the test

So, yes, in the coming years, I get to supervise in Maryland schools and a system that are pushing hard for evaluating teachers 50 percent based on test scores. We had a discussion in my graduate course the other night about this.  What would this look like for specialist teachers, like art, music, and PE, […]


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