Do private money and Title I money break even?

In a word, no.  The two kinds of money don’t represent an apples-to-apples comparison because different rules govern how they can be spent, but the raw totals show that schools that get public money do come out a little bit ahead – especially since they don’t have to raise it themselves. Even though this article […]

Large Monopoly board planned for #occupy2.0 in DC, #optout

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.12.48 PM

This is just a blank diagram of the giant education reform Monopoly board I’m going to paint on canvas. I plan on rolling it out for people to play during the event. Working out all of the spaces, suggestions in the comments would be helpful.

Was Race to the Top ultimately extortion? UPDATE

Discuss. UPDATE: Are folks afraid to speak about this?

Conservative estimates of #commoncore cost for implementation, let’s do a little math

I’m going to cite a rather conservative report on the costs of common core implementation and development nationwide, and on a per state basis. Here it is, from the Fordham Institute.  Now, from an ideological perspective, they would be ardent supporters of the CCSS. I’d have to check to make sure, but a pretty good guess. […]

Would the #edreform movement use their money to really help children? Not likely.

Actor Jeff Bridges is making the rounds on the major networks telling all about his cause the End Hunger Network. I like this guy, I’ve always been a fan of his work. He’s one of those celebrities who I think has his head screwed on right. In any case, rather than spending millions and billions […]

#Plutocracy and #education #reform

Trying to write an article here on the plutocratic connections within the current education reform climate. Here’s a sample, anyone want to help me out? Men die, but the plutocracy is immortal; and it is necessary that fresh generations should be trained to its service. Therefore, the interlocking directorate has need of an educational system, […]

#Pareto and the #plutocracy

Pareto says the following about “demagogic plutocracies”: Forms of government are not to be compared by reference to constitutions but to their operative practice. All are oligarchies. All govern by force and/or consent. But they differ from one another first by the relative proportions in which force and consent are utilized to maintain rule, and […]


While the wife’s away in Indiana and Oregon (Hi Bade!), I’ve been spending some time streaming the worst of the worst from Netflix on Apple TV.  Don’t ask about Human Centipede, seriously.  Well, now that I mentioned it, you probably will ask, but I’m not going to even link to it.  Find our for yourselves […]


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