Michelle Rhee: A Teacher’s Best Friend


What makes a really good friend?  The listening? The understanding?  Always being there for you?  Well, if you are a teacher, Michelle Rhee wants to be your friend.  To prove it, she’s personally inviting you to her upcoming Teacher Town Halls, where you and Michelle (and two of her other friends) can have “an open […]

John Merrow, Welcome to Our World of the Ignored

At his Taking Note blog, John Merrow laments: “The op-ed below has been rejected by four newspapers, three of them national publications. One editor’s rejection note said that Michelle Rhee was not a national story.” On Twitter, Rachel Levy, though, noted: “That @John_Merrow story that no one will print? I did so 2.5 yrs ago.” Her […]

Jason Stanford rightly states “Time to Stop Waiting for Superman”

Rhee Announces Teachers Should Suffer During Holidays, Too

“According to Whitmire, Rhee and Fenty should have paid heed to the “fears” of African Americans, but not because there were any actual race issues during Rhee’s tenure. Racism in DC is all done now–all that racism and “experimentation” is history and happened 1960s and 1970s. According to Whitmire, black people in DC perceived racism under Rhee, […]

“There is a Problem Here” – Journalist John Merrow

“There is a problem here” (Houston, We have a problem) John Merrow on what his wife’s response to the what is going on in this test driven, punish the teachers education deform.  Thank you Shaun and Tim for bringing us some real journalism and journalist John Merrow on Rhee, DC and High Stakes Testing Testinghttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/chalkface/2013/05/23/special-episode-of-at-the-chalk-face-w-john-merrow […]

Our interviews with John Merrow & Karen Lewis

UPDATED First, our interview with Mr. Merrow. The comprehensive PDF of Merrow’s writing on Rhee, to go along with the interview. Second, our most recent interview with CTU’s Karen Lewis. We keep getting you those stories in education that you don’t hear anywhere else.

Join At the Chalk Face this Thursday at 7PM EST with John Merrow

We need need need to keep pushing to get an Atlanta-style investigation up in here. Maybe we’ll have some answers for you, this Thursday at 7PM EST.

Michelle Rhee Is … Tiger Woods!

RheeQuiz copy 2

Who’d a guessed it? Michelle Rhee is not Tiger Mom. She’s TIGER WOODS!: “My answer: I keep my eye on the ball.” —- Handy-dandy take-home quiz to share! High-Stakes, “No Excuses” Quiz of the Day Complete the following: Michelle Rhee is Tiger (a) Mom (b) Milk (c) Lily (d) Woods ANSWER KEY

Real News Report on Rhee and the Epidemic of Test Cheating

From a couple weeks back, but excellent reporting (if Merrow spoke such honesty on PBS, he would be much more credible).

We debuted something new At the Chalk Face today


Well, I have to say, it’s pretty amazing. In addition to have a great chat with teachers Ralph Ratto and Brian White, we debuted the new “Michelle Rhee” button. We’ve used a term in the past, that these education “reforms” are “faith-based.” That is, they’re not based on any evidence, per se, just some pure […]

Perhaps @michellerhee can learn to track her memos better #TPS

Office Space. Classic.

Rhee’s “Gravy Train” of Hypocrisy

“Former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee had trouble recalling the names of South Carolina’s ‘key players’ after a quick visit to the State House on Wednesday. But state lawmakers may want to take note of hers,” reports The State (Columbia, SC). But in a rare moment of candor and even more unusual modesty, when asked to […]

October 2012: Michelle Rhee’s @StudentsFirst Threw a Party in NY. Were You Invited?

Since our friend, Michelle Rhee, is finally (maybe) getting her comeuppance, this seemed to be a timely topic to bring up. Last October, New York Governor Cuomo’s Education Reform Commission visited Long Island for an event, where citizens could listen to speakers and ask questions about how to go forward with the future of New […]

Michelle Rhee Is Done

 Read The Memo! All That Remains Chris Hayes interviews John Merrow below on the bombshell memo and the fallout, and below that is John Merrow’s story: Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Michelle Rhee’s Reign of Error by JOHN MERROW on 11. APR, 2013 in 2013 BLOGS, CHEATING, MICHELLE RHEE With the indictment of former Atlanta School […]



Michelle Rhee is a terrible comedian

Something was brought to my attention just yesterday and I thought I’d investigate. Emperor Rhee Palpatine is all over the place because of her new book. I was told that she impersonated an African-American student during a welcome speech to DCPS teachers a couple of years back. As it turns out, Bill Turque for DC […]


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