Vaunted Garfield High School has a problem with sexual assault

From Al-Jazeera America. According to the article, mishandling sexual assault cases is pretty common in public schools and in higher education. There’s certainly an abundance of evidence out there for that. But I was surprised to hear that the venerable catalysts of nationwide test boycotts, Garfield High School, bungled this one. That’s a shame. The […]

What’s upcoming At the Chalk Face this week

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At our usual time, Sundays at 6PM EST, we’re going to be joined by Jesse Hagopian to discuss the successful MAP boycott and his new website, I am an Educator. Then, join us for a special episode on Thursday at 6PM EST when we’ll be joined once again by Dr. Mercedes Schneider so she can […]

A preliminary taste: #optout #refusal map based on survey data

Click below to view the map. This includes only the first 250 respondents because the tool requires payment for more data points. Good job Long Island, good job. View UOO DATA MAP in a full screen map

#MAP #boycott may lead to “sanctions”

This from the Answer Sheet:  The superintendent of schools, Jose Banda, ordered administrators to  pull students out of classrooms to take the test in the library, but many students refused to take it and turned in letters signed by their parents giving them permission to opt out of the test, teachers reported. This seems to […]

Let us consider supporting #scrapthemap this Wednesday

Here’s a link to the Facebook campaign. How can At the Chalk Face readers support this event next week? Keep that national momentum going for Seattle-area educators.

Seattle #MAP boycott covered in @USAtoday

The publication of hotel lobbies and bathrooms everywhere, USAToday has a post on the growing MAP boycott, and protests against standardized testing overall. Pretty fair piece. And by the way, here’s a toolkit created to discuss high-stakes testing in your communities. Download here for free. Teachers love free stuff!

Whoa, someone really used one of my #propaganda graphics to make a serious point.


Tepid response from Seattle public schools super

Superintendent Jose Banda released a statement regarding the potential for a mass opt-out of state MAP testing. Meh. Not much of value. Although, I will say that you’d think a formal statement from the educator-in-chief could make it out there into the ether without a typo. To wit:  Before the issue was raised by our […]


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