Interesting conversations continue via @anthonycody, this time on #VAM

An exchange on VAM and seniority based layoffs with a reform neoliberal. Nothing sticks in the craw of a neolib more than the issue layoffs. Man, they like to fire them some teachers. But, according to Mitt Romnah, we can’t “kill” our way out of this. Absolutely. If we persist in the conference upon teachers perpetual […]

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Now is not the time to back down, EduShyster counsels Education Reform, Inc. My advice: dig in, double down and send in the dogs.

Dear Education Reform, Inc.: So you’ve had a tough couple of weeks. First there was the whole Chicago strike thing— which Jonah and Bruce assured us would NOT happen. And then what was with all of the parents saying that they supported those lazy LIFO lifer teachers??? Don’t the parents get that YOU’RE the ones […]

Occam’s razor: LIFO and tenure are about making teachers cheap, that’s it. Case closed. #ctustrike

I challenge anyone, anyone in the world, to read this short, insightful piece from Truth-Out and tell me that eliminating tenure protections, due process, and LIFO is NOT about “proletarianizing” the teaching profession in order to make things cheaper, and and and, allowing the “conservative” wet dream of vouchers more palatable. Then, considering how unbelievably […]


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