Can There Be Equitable School Choice for All?

"Mary had a little lamb, little lamb..."

It never fails.  No matter what the discussion was originally intended to be, it almost always seems to devolve (or sometimes even evolve) into a very passionate and sometimes nasty debate about parental choice in education.  Every time I read through one of these often entertaining threads on a discussion board or Facebook, I always […]

Michelle Rhee Needs a Head Shrinker…

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…so, here I am! (Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist, but I play one on the Internet.  The following is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as an official diagnosis, even though I know I’m totally right.) This probably isn’t healthy.  Perhaps I should find a new hobby, before people start to […]

The School-to-Workforce Pipeline: At Least it isn’t Prison

Sorry, Joe.  You missed the profile by just a bit.

Have you applied for a job online recently?  I’m sure that at least some of the 12.3 million unemployed Americans have.  Thank goodness for the Internet, right?  Instead of “pounding the pavement,” as my mother used to call it, you can just click your way through a dozen job applications online each day.  It sounds […]

Children of the Core: Our Kids are at Risk

The more and more I see how the education “reform” movement is operating, the more it makes me ill.  I wish I were exaggerating with that statement, but I’m not.  Every time I hear about some millionaire telling us to increase class sizes, or some high-paid wannabe teacher tells us that teachers are the problem […]

Children of the Core: A Shameless Plug

In about two weeks, I will self-publish the product of my obsession.   I will release a roughly 200-page book, geared toward informing parents and teachers about how the education policies built by reformers and their politician puppets are effectively damaging two important things: The economic and geopolitical security of our country, and (way more […]

Why I Will Occupy the DOE in April

In the last month of 2007, I finished my first real semester of being a teacher.  It was an accomplishment that I chalked up to being my most difficult and most rewarding.  I couldn’t wait to start the next year, and I worked all summer to prepare for it–going over the things I didn’t like […]

If You Had to Choose


Just a quick one, after reading what kids can do when they are given the time, the support, and the encouragement they crave to learn the things that interested.  I want to play a quick round of “Would You Rather?” Would you rather see American children follow through on curiosities and interests, like Jack Andraka, […]

Fear of Creativity

On her blog, Kate Edson (who is a spare-time frugality researcher) tells about a book she is reading and offers these words: Everyone is born creative. However sometime between kindergarten and today, perhaps during the tumultuous time called adolescence, doubt creeps in and we may think we aren’t creative. Fear kicks in. Our comparative brain decides that what we created wasn’t as good as what Johnny created. Creativity stops. She says that […]

The Future is Disappearing…But Why?

In my soon-to-be-released, self-published book, I do my best to help parents, teachers, and others understand why the Common Core Network is so bad for our kids and our nation’s future.  (This is not a shameless plug, I promise.  I have a real question here.)  It’s becoming common knowledge that the Common Core State Standards […]


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