Indiana DOE Stalls FOIA Naming Joel Klein and Jeb Bush and Detailing the Dog and Pony Tony Tour

*Updated in body of text GUEST POST:  Indiana Department of Education Fails to Release Documents on Tony Bennett, Jeb Bush, and Other School Privatizers By Doug Martin On Friday afternoon, just days before the next state supt. of public education will be elected, Indiana’s Public Access Counselor, Joseph B. Hoage, quietly voiced his opinion on […]

Nineteenth Century English Schools for the Poor in Yuma, AZ: Only the Monitors Have Been Swapped Out

Above is an illustration of cutting edge pedagogy in the early 19th Century for English children who could not afford private schools.  The monitorial system was based on older boys monitoring younger ones who parroted back memorized lessons before they could move up to the next row.  As many as 500 boys could be schooled […]

Tennessee’s K12, Inc. Virtual School Receives Lowest Score Possible and $16,000,000 a Year to Pay for It

Last week even TFA lawyer and Commissioner of Education in TN had described the for-profit K-12, Inc.’s Tennessee operation as “unacceptable,” which is no surprise to anyone who has followed K-12’s checkered history, which began when gambling addict, Bill Bennett, leveraged his influence with the Bushies to cart away $14 million in discretionary federal grants […]


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