At the Chalk Face programming updates

First, we want to thank everyone out there for listening and supporting At the Chalk Face radio. Ever since we started broadcasting in the winter of 2010, we knew the show fulfilled an important niche in the overall education dialogue that was unavailable at the time. I don’t think anyone else delivers it like we […]

At the Chalk Face brings it home again…

Another great set of studio shows in the can after a couple of days in Madison, WI, interviewing Karen Lewis, Ruth Conniff, a parent opt-out activist, Pasi Sahlberg, and a great hourlong chat with Nancy Carlsson-Paige. This WILL be syndicated.  Soon.

At the Chalk Face is back, this Sunday, June 23rd, 6PM EST

At the Chalk Face is back, this Sunday, June 23rd at 6PM EST. Educated educators talking education, this time on the recent NCTQ report on teacher preparation. Remember, we are at the helm in the BTR chatroom, live tweeting @thechalkface, and you can always call in to speak with us live, 805-727-7111.

Thanks to @rexcharger for posting our show with Nancy Carlsson-Paige

The radio station that we were broadcasting Sunday shows in Wisconsin went through a bit of a program or format change over the holidays that I think is still being settled. In the meantime, the great shows we’ve recorded are trickling out. For now, you can listen to one on Sound Cloud here. If you […]

At the Chalk Face today at 6PM EDT.

At the Chalk Face today at 6PM EDT. Chat will be open, live tweet @thechalkface. Good stuff happening and you only get it here.

Episode 56 of @thechalkface available, we discuss the failures of #NCLB, the #romney education plan, and #NCTQ

There was a little tech snafu, Tim’s phone cut out and he couldn’t get reconnected. I have no idea why, but I took the last topic myself. It threw me a little bit, but I think we ended up all right.


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