Press release from @whitehouse shows some promise for public schools. Seriously.

Just released from the Office of the Press Secretary, American Job Training Investments: Skills and Jobs to Build a Stronger Middle Class. In a nutshell: Today, as part of this effort, the President and Vice President are announcing new federal investments using existing funds to support job-driven training, like apprenticeships, that will expand partnerships with industry, […]

Feeding the College-to-Poorhouse Pipeline

Bill Gates and his plutocratic pals of the Billionaire Boys Club have successfully planted and nurtured the self-serving myth there is a huge talent shortage among American workers.  This myth has been fed, of course, by corporations looking to drive down wages by creating an oversupply of college graduates, and it has been promulgated by […]

The School-to-Workforce Pipeline: At Least it isn’t Prison

Sorry, Joe.  You missed the profile by just a bit.

Have you applied for a job online recently?  I’m sure that at least some of the 12.3 million unemployed Americans have.  Thank goodness for the Internet, right?  Instead of “pounding the pavement,” as my mother used to call it, you can just click your way through a dozen job applications online each day.  It sounds […]

October jobs report from #bls on #education

Once again, not much of a game changer on the October jobs report, the last before this election. Pundits on either side will spin this in whichever way that suits their interests. Although, I am somewhat relieved that the picture is mixed to positive. Of course, everything here is about education and I noticed that […]

Too soon: Gates or Jobs on #education?

Alex Russo asks who did more for education: Gates or Jobs?  Let me stop you right there. That’s not the question we should be asking. Then again, he’s been quoted as virulently anti-union (PCWorld) and there’s no Apple or Jobs Foundation giving billions to help poor kids or fix public education (see here). Those who dislike the […]


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