Check out our latest episode on #TFA in Minnesota

Here’s our latest episode of At the Chalk Face with two graduate students from the University of Minnesota who are resisting their institution’s potential deal with TFA. I’m still a little annoyed by the end of this episode. I decided to use Zingaya to run the show instead of Skype, and it cut us off. […]

Education “writers” are kind of annoying, or no?

I read a fluff piece on the Common Core at Inside Higher Ed. Pretty basic, hits most key players.  I checked the author, just a 2009 journalism graduate. She quotes significantly folks from PARCC, SBAC, and other supporters. Mentions a lot about teacher preparation, but no one actually FROM teacher preparation. This has been an issue […]

I have little sympathy for the defense department #sequester

There’s a great deal of hand-wringing over this upcoming sequester which, according to most news outlets, could lead to around $85 billion in across-the-board cuts. The defense department is particularly upset, mentioning on CNN the possibility of furloughs. It’s hard to say who would ultimately be affected: But Hale said Defense Department civilian foreign employees […]

Activism for academics and At the Chalk Face

Two quick items: I have an essay out at Inside Higher Education on the need for academics to really engage the public discourse. I’m really talking education, but I think a lot of other disciplines, say criminal justice, could use some informed dialogue. Second, Episode 37 of the podcast is out, check it out here. […]

Backstreet’s back

Check out my editorial on Inside Higher Ed about my return to the classroom. I think it turned out pretty well, now I just await all the snarky comments.

Tech youth

Every so often, I’m starting to see a critical swell of the whole technology obsession in education.  Here’s a great piece about how, despite being touted as the Millennial generation, college students and younger are really technologically illiterate. Sure, they can text, post status updates, maybe even upload a video to Youtube.  But that’s not […]


Back into the weekend with some time to think about something else besides my 14 cherubs.  Funny, I just remembered that I had a dream last night about getting a new student.  Shows what’s on my mind. In any case, just a comment about one of the most God-awfully stupid ideas I saw the other […]


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