Bennett and Flo Rida, match made in heaven #NCSC13

Florida's newest charter operator

What happened in IN, you know, with former state supe Bennett and fixing the grades of a big donor’s charter school? Didn’t I just wax philosophical about my previous reverence for those in “Central Office?” I did. But these are the ones that fudge data and school grades. Where do they get these people, anyway? In […]

Two moms and two (or more) problems regarding #commoncore

Kudos to these education activists receiving some notoriety for their anti-common core views in Indiana. After spending four years in the state for graduate school, I can say I’m somewhat familiar with how that state does things. Although, I have some concerns. First, not necessarily from an ideological standpoint, I on this day of all […]

Past and Present: Eugenics, Standardized Tests, and the Politics of School Reform–Hoosier connections and challenges

[Editor’s note: An early draft version was posted in error.  This has been corrected.]*Guest Post by John Loflin, Education-Community Action Team. Past and present: Eugenics, standardized tests, and politics of school reform: Hoosier connections and challenges  “If such a thing as a psycho-analysis of today’s prototypical culture were possible such an investigation    would […]

From John Stoffel on #marchmadness and #commoncore

It’s time for March Madness in Indiana. Sadly, I refer not to our state’s passion for basketball, but to our lawmakers’ debilitation of public schools through high stakes testing which students began this month. The concept of winning a basketball game is relatively simple: score more points than your opponent. However, any basketball fan knows […]

We spoke to John Stoffel from Indiana tonight, make sure you give him a listen

You can listen to the show here.  One brief comment about it, largely based on a good final point John made. Our little show means to give voices to people who are fighting this stuff, like teachers. I know this from personal experience: if you speak out against what you know is wrong, what the […]

Voucher Gospels in Indiana Government

**Guest Post by Doug Martin SCHOOL VOUCHER BULLYING, PURE POLITICS, AND THE INDIANA OFFICE OF MANAGEMENTAND BUDGET When it comes to the corporate-religious-political bullying for the Amway/Walmart/ALEC/ Brothers assault on Indiana school children, the Republicans will stop short of nothing.   House Bill 1342 was a perfect example.  Having moved out of committee but finally […]

We should not valorize all educators with impunity

Because of this woman, an Indiana bigot educator who wants to exclude students who are gay from prom. We have to admit, as ardent public school and teacher advocates, that not everyone in the classroom is playing with a full deck.

#FAIL = #WIN in #edreform

It’s amazing, isn’t it? For all the very $eriou$ accountability-ish talk in the current education reform climate. A man so reviled by educators in the state of Indiana, the people he is supposed to serve, as Tony Bennett to be voted out of office only to find himself successfully ensconced in a lateral move, same […]

So I’ve heard, about #justletmeteach

I just heard about these bracelets, kind of Livestrong style. You know, those cheap plastic things available for every cause imaginable. Just Let Me Teach. Well, so now I hear two things about them: one, they have Biblical verses stamped on the inside of some of them and two, the dude is making some money […]

Shove Your Yardstick and Your Calipers and Your ETS

Indiana has recently released its “report card” assessments of its public schools.  I’m sure I don’t need to go into the reasons the grades themselves are only political and have nothing to do with the welfare of our children but rather the welfare of our business managers. In fact Diane Ravitch had a brief post […]

Progressive Eugenics and Liberal Institutions

For a time I was a fan of Jane’s Addiction (everyone was doing it), but that “Been Caught Stealin’” song was really one of their least interesting off of their break-out album Ritual de lo Habitual.  I was partial though to the prior album Nothing’s Shocking and particularly amazed at the song “Pigs in Zen.” […]

@dianeravitch discusses #REPA in indiana, dumbing #teachers down

Ravitch details new legislation in Indiana that makes it even easier to become a teacher, thus making irrelevant teacher education in the state. Well, almost.  A teacher who is licensed in any subject can be certified in special education, music or art by passing a standardized test, with no training for these fields. This is […]

Your project is to speak for the Project School in #Indianapolis right now

Peggy Robertson’s all over this. A school in IN stood up to the ISTEP and standardized testing. Perhaps their scores took a dip. Perfect for some quack at the Mind Trust, which sounds like some kind of weird Messianic cult. They’re calling for its closure so they can step in with other charters peddling NCLB-style […]

@Unitedoptout responds line by line to the scare tactics of the IDOE regarding #HST

Here it is, a rebuttal to the Indiana DOE threatening arrest for parents who may keep their children home from testing. Actually, they need only keep their children home for math or reading, not necessarily both. So, there you have it.

#Indiana is taking a nice, cool dip into the #optout waters, kind of like a polar bear plunge, via @kystokes

StateImpact in Indiana reports on a small group of parents organizing a local opt out of the ISTEP this academic year. I’m quoted in this. I guess I said that, I never remember what words come out of my mouth. I tend to ramble, which might be a boon to the media, so keep them […]


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