Some click bait on @huffingtonpost, insight into #TFA

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I suppose many think TFA’ers are blindingly insufferable. Clicked some random piece on Huffington Post about the most insufferable people on Facebook, or perhaps the seven insufferable sins, something like that. I can’t remember where I put the link. But I did catch a screenshot of the most interesting part. So, as an example of […]

Just When You Think It’s Safe to Go Back into the Media

Yesterday, I shared an excellent collection of investigative journalism confronting the accountability machine in Florida (HERE and HERE), work from as far back as 1999 in the St. Petersburg Times and a recent article in the Miami Herald. Overnight, however, I was prompted to look at Peter Cunningham’s “Ravitch Redux.” Before looking at the shoddy and unsubstantiated […]

The doctor-teacher analogy rides again!

This latest contribution to the anthology of comparison between doctors and teachers, from Rick Ayers. This is mine, from 2011. Just imagine for a moment. Given this country’s obesity epidemic and the rising rates of diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease, our physicians have failed. In order to hold them accountable, we should judge them […]

An excerpt of a new Huffington Post submission, the cult of amateurs

I don’t know why, but some things I reserve for different audiences, perhaps to speak to a different cohort of people. But for the first time in about two months, I uploaded a new post to the Huffington Post. Hopefully it makes it through. If not, then I’ll post it here. But here’s an excerpt […]

My new one @huffingtonpost on merit pay for doctors/teachers

This time, posted in the Politics section. Give it some legs folks, give it some legs.

Well, it’s about time, the new #unionism

I keep hearing about this, the new unionism, the new unionism. What the is it? Well, as far as education unionism is concerned, high stakes testing seems to be one of the primary targets of criticism. And we finally have acknowledgement of this very important fact from the CEO of the NEA. By the way, who […]

@slekar continues his “opt out chronicles.”

I sense a graphic novella in the works here. Any good artists out there?

#Teachers’ #unions abandon partisanship?

Might this debacle be proof of two things, one promising and the other not so much? One, labor organizations, teachers’ unions, might be downplaying strict partisanship because their expected allies, Democrats, have not been so good for teachers lately? Two, that many leaders in education are still idiots? I mean, really? Pennsylvania state legislator Rep. […]

Where are we on the so-called #parent #trigger laws?

This is my opinion. What I might say here could be controversial. Here it goes. As I’ve stated before in another forum, parents are NOT experts in education, as they are not experts in medicine (unless you’re an actual physician, or an educator). You take your child to a doctor to receive treatment. You send […]

How is #edtech really treating you? Really.

A new one from me at Huffington Post (I got one through, Slek!). There are some things about #edtech that I find concerning. Maybe I don’t get it out the right way, but there’s a history here, and #edtech is starting to live up to that insidious history. We’ll see.

A new @huffingtonpost from me about #teaching with a different tone than all this #edreform stuff

As I said, it’s a bit more pensive and, say, settled than some of this other stuff, so I hope it gets you thinking. It comes from my own thoughts about my own teaching this summer and those prior.

Check out @slekar’s new one @huffingtonpost on advice for teachers’ unions

One of our humble writers, co-host of @thechalkface, Dr. Slek. Here it is.

#Occupy the department of #education in DC coming up March 30th, @unitedoptout

Here’s a new something-something at the Huffington Post on the Occupy the DOE event this week. OMG!!

The connections between physicians and #educators are writing themselves these days, esp. with the potential to #optout

I postulated over a year ago about the implications for physicians if they were evaluated and scrutinized like teachers. Given that health care reform is a political football right now, with a lot of focus on cost containment, I think physicians are looking at very similar attempts to control their work. Well, especially dealing with […]

Is the #teaching profession dead? See for yourself @huffingtonpost

Read it, comment, like it, love it. Share :)


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