Courtesy Ceresta Smith, some intelligence flickers at #NEARA13 #optout

Here’s the full text of NBI 24 passed at the NEA RA in Atlanta on supporting parents who decide to opt their children out of standardized testing: NEW BUSINESS ITEM 24 Adopted as amended NEA shall support the rights of parents/guardians to collaborate with teachers in determining appropriate options for assessment of student proficiency if […]

Special episode of At the Chalk Face 2night! #optout

Check in with us tonight from 9 to 10PM EST, lots going on in Seattle, so it’s worth a special episode of At the Chalk Face. First half will be guests, a parent and teacher from the Seattle area. Second, commentary and your calls: 805-727-7111  

#optout, all the cool kids are doing it. #edreform

Speaks for itself. Share widely.

The Seventh piece of #optout propaganda, the hits just keep coming

Speaks for itself.

#Edreform propaganda posters, the grand experiment. Thoughts?

Pretty intense advert for #occupy2.0 in April, thanks Califather

From Califather.

On ending punitive #HST via Common Dreams

A little reportage on Occupy the DOE from Common Dreams. Perhaps on a larger scale: Despite the thousands of people who attended the march last summer and the hundreds who attended Occupy the DoED last week, the demand to end to punitive high stakes testing and the continuous drumbeat of attacks on public schools, teachers […]

Oh, have you heard, Occupy the DOE in DC this weekend? Huh… interesting, @unitedoptout #optoutreach

Here’s a little background information for you.

@johnkuhntx makes a passionate speech against #HST and how it’s ruined #education

I think John Kuhn, a district superintendent in Texas who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting during the SOS March, made perhaps one of the most passionate cases AGAINST test-based reforms that I have seen in recent memory. Here’s a good quote below, click here for the rest. This government has allowed state testing to […]

National Academy of Sciences report on #HST

The “stunning” conclusion: Our conclusion in our report to Congress and the public was sobering: There are little to no positive effects of these systems overall on student learning and educational progress, and there is widespread teaching to the test and gaming of the systems that reflects a wasteful use of resources and leads to […]

Here’s a quick appearance on @totaltutor on #edreform and #testing

Neil Haley at Total Tutor has been really great at booking Iike minded folks to talk about testing and education reform. They’re quick 15 minute segments palatable to a mainstream audience. Enjoy.  

@unitedoptout released a long form press release, please forward to any major media outlet as you see fit

Here’s a downloadable copy of a long form press release with contact information. In order to raise awareness of our Occupy the DOE event coming up on March 30th, if you can help, please consider forwarding this to any local medial outlet. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OPT OUT AND OCCUPY THE DOE A full text of […]

#Standardized #testing #iphone inspired graphic, share widely if you like.

testing iphone

@Unitedoptout responds line by line to the scare tactics of the IDOE regarding #HST

Here it is, a rebuttal to the Indiana DOE threatening arrest for parents who may keep their children home from testing. Actually, they need only keep their children home for math or reading, not necessarily both. So, there you have it.

The #zombie argument against #HST: it ruins kids’ brains!

According to Edweek, testing hinders critical thinking. To wit: As I mentioned, learning develops an ever-expanding network of neural connections within the brain. When students practice higher-order thinking—when they question an initial assumption or answer and explore it further—more connections and pathways are created in the brain. This also occurs when students are able to […]


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