A thought experiment on #homeschooling… #choice

What if we enacted “choice” for homeschool students and parents? That is, kids and parents could walk into any house they wanted, or join any family they wanted, to receive a “better” education. I’ve often argued that homeschooling, while a viable option for some, is not for all, and we therefore need a free and […]

Are #homeschool advocates pushing conspiracy theories? Sounds like it. #edreform

The recent UN treaty establishing international standards on rights for those with disabilities was rejected in the Senate recently because of pressure, from all people, an organization of homeschooling advocates. Did they read the treaty? And to think: this is the issue that got them outraged and calling their Senators in droves? Of all thing? […]

Touching nerves and taking names

I must have really touched a nerve here. Huh. Check out the discussion, and help a brother out.

The #gender of #homeschooling

I’ve done a considerable amount of reading and research on gender in education, particularly reasons why men are an overwhelming minority in the profession (only one in four K-12, one in ten K-5). I have to do more research into homeschooling. Although, the vast majority of homeschool advocates are women. Where are the fathers? Do […]

Extreme pomposity

Apparently, we need to start discussing the option of sabbaticals for children. I’m really at a loss here on this one, and this is why I’m getting a little irritated with all these journalists having an “informed” opinion on education.  Let me just state initially that in some extremely limited way, what the author in […]


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