An open admission from a “scholar.” #highered #AERA13

I am not a writer. I am not an author. I’ve written. I’ve authored. But I am not a writer. I am not an author. I’ve written many papers. I’ve authored book chapters and articles. Being halfway decent at writing these documents is likely what set me up to pursue a PhD. It’s not as […]

Big data strikes again with Coursesmart, #highered take notice

According to the NYT, professors can now track how students are reading digital materials: Major publishers in higher education have already been collecting data from millions of students who use their digital materials. But CourseSmart goes further by individually packaging for each professor information on all the students in a class — a bold effort […]

Saying no to college in the NYT: white boys have carte blance #highered #edreform

A piece ran in the NYT recently, in the Fashion & Style section, no less, which seems odd. What isn’t considered fashion? In any case, Saying No to College. Wow, what a concept. In Russia, college says no to you. Anyone? I get it. And to some extent, I’m on both sides of the fence. As […]

I’m using #Edmodo for one of my classes this fall, #edtech #highered

On another note, I’m using the social learning site Edmodo for the first time with one of my courses. I’ve never been a fan of Blackboard: it’s unattractive, buggy, and clunky. Plus, don’t we pay big bucks for Blackboard licenses? I’d rather put an end to that and join up using some free platforms, no? It […]


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