Remember teachers, as this happens, YOUR jobs are on the line. Think about it.

Kid taking test in resource room, looks up: Mrs. T? Sorry, I can’t help you with that. Looks down. Makes random marks, gives up. #happened — ned hoskin (@nhoskin) April 18, 2013

Congratulations law enforcement, you caught some educators cheating. [slow clap]

Big indictments in Atlanta for:  …racketeering, theft, influencing witnesses, conspiracy and making false statements. Prosecutors recommended a $7.5 million bond for her; she could face up to 45 years in prison. Whoa, what the hell happened? Oh, erasing test answers. I see. And that’s a $7.5 million bond?  Sure, outright cheating is a bad thing, […]

We musn’t forget the Big Score from 1999

I’m in the Library of Congress today doing some work the old-fashioned way. I grabbed a book off the shelf with a collection of historical documents in education. One of them, interestingly enough, refers to an article in Newsweek from 1999 that I’ve never read called “The Big Score.” It’s all about the pressures of testing. […]

United Opt Out (UOO) informational materials available as a PDF for distribution, @unitedoptout #optout

Anti-HST group United Opt Out just made available a packet of materials for distribution in case you and other folks want to make a presentation on high-stakes testing and opt-out provisions. You can access it here is a PDF or an online version is here. It’s a lot of good information on parental rights and […]

A petition to #NYRegents to end reliance on #HST, congrats to #highered

Here’s a link to a petition from professors in the state of New York who are warning of the over-reliance on standardized testing to education young persons. Even higher education faculty are seeing the deleterious effects of a test based education. The petition intro: As lifelong educators and researchers, from across the State of New […]


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