Student: We’re Messing Up My Generation


The following speech was written by one of my former students in North Carolina, who also read my resignation letter from October 2012 and told me it brought her to tears.  She wrote this before she saw my letter in the Washington Post.  This speech shows that our kids are feeling the realities more strongly […]

New Mexico Grad Requirements Mean Trouble

Did you hear? We'll be proving college readiness by taking a test on the nutritional value of Ramen noodles and bologna.

Just in time for high school juniors and seniors to give thanks for all that Hanna Skandera has given them (headaches, stress, prescriptions for anti-migraine medications), the New Mexico Public [sic] Education Department has released its final version of the requirements needed to graduate with a diploma.  This is great news!  It means that the […]

Albuquerque High School Students Speak Out


Here is a letter that originated with the Cibola High School student body, and is being copied and personalized and distributed by a growing number of New Mexico high schools, accompanied by a petition for Stand4KidsNM.  Hey, Hanna Skandera said she wanted to hear more from the students.  I don’t think this is what she […]

Duncan Embraces of “Personalized Learning” and Company Curricula

As corporate education has made the 10-hour work day the gold standard for the segregated K-8 test camps that behaviorally neuter poor children, a different kind of high school is being promoted that will loose the “career ready” as soon as they can pass the tests required to set them upon a career at WalMart. […]

Book Excerpt: The Real Education Crisis #ihateschool

The following is an excerpt from Kris Nielsen’s new book release, Children of the Core.  The hashtag in the title is a very popular one used on Twitter.  Go check it out sometime. High schools that have fully implemented the Common Core Network are probably the worst possible institutions for adolescent minds in this era […]

Maybe the good stuff is forgotten sometimes.

Have you seen this video? Kind of nice.

Account of a trans man’s experiences as a high school teacher, via buzzfeed

Account of a trans man’s experiences as a high school teacher, via buzzfeed Consider reading it. Interesting.

If You Had to Choose


Just a quick one, after reading what kids can do when they are given the time, the support, and the encouragement they crave to learn the things that interested.  I want to play a quick round of “Would You Rather?” Would you rather see American children follow through on curiosities and interests, like Jack Andraka, […]

Successful screening of @racetonowhere last evening

I would have to guess a turnout of roughly 100 people at my campus screening of the film. We had a lively discussion afterwards, paneled by two local high school teachers and one administrator who are experimenting with no homework policies. A cohort of graduate student music educators were in attendance who were all fired […]

Our priorities in public #edreform are beyond messed up (wanted to use another word)

So, yeah, the husband of one of my students is a history teacher at what sounds like an abhorrent Baltimore City high school. I was astounded for some reason, when there was so much else to be astounded by, when he said that of the 130 students he has on his roster each day, he […]

A war room, data room, situation room in Texas, this is some really misguided stuff

Talk about being brainwashing, I mean some really crazy stuff. You see that picture, this is the data room. “I’m data crazy,” admits Brandi Brevard, the improvement coordinator at Sharpstown and the mastermind behind the room. “You can never have too much information.” Yeah, you should be really proud of yourself. Bravo.

Further evidence that #football is for a-holes?

I don’t want to get into the PSU sex scandal at the chalk face, I have some friends that go there or work there or have gone there. But, in light of this high school coach’s “survey” that is causing a stir in a small Wyoming community, is football still for assholes? I mean, I […]

Some people are just too stupid for words

Did you ever want to do this to someone? I know that’s not too diplomatic of me, but some piece of garbage principal in Arkansas appointed a co-valedictorian because he was worried having a Black student as the sole honoree would cause too much of a stir. Here, read this for yourself.


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